Sober selfies


Hi Joanie
i think you look,pretty amazing and more important you seem like an amazing person!
how are you holding on this friday?
kind regards from the netherlands


5.5 months!


Glad I can still smile today, even though it was a rough and emotional day, emotions are catching up with me from the past couple days, and will stay for the next few days! So glad I can come here to help me


This was taken early November 2005. I was in Kuwait waiting for my plane to Iraq for my final combat tour. I wish that i would have had told the guy taking the picture to move closer.


Where do you work? The background looks like your in a fancy mansion and there should be an old man in a big red velvet chair in a robe drinking scotch lol


“Would Sir care for another scotch?”

I work at a hotel and thats the bar/lobby area ^^
So lots of different people, just a matter of time before an no old man in a robe shows up :sweat_smile:


oh wow, you must see al lot of examples why we dont want to drink!
i bet you have some great stories!
ladies who start out very classy and stumble away on their heel while lipstick everywhere.
( that neeeeeeeeeeever happened to me ugh haha!)


sometimes soberAF is super difficultAF, and i guess that’s ok #reality


The one with the blue beanie is me :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Hi @Samsara, I’m Dutch too! Welcom here! :+1:


Love the shades😍


haha you look amazing blondie


Love the beard😉


Your physical appearance gives off the same vibe as your presence on the forum - beaming with positivity and kindness.:blush::heart:


Thank you, I grew it myself.


Gonna be out doing the Lyft thing. See if I can’t help a few people get home safely tonight.


I wonder how many will want to stop for junk food on the way home🤕


You’ll have to share any interesting stories/experiences you come across. :grimacing:


I’ve only had one dude ask to stop, in all my driving. It’s quite a shocker actually.


You have beautiful eyes.