Sober Sunday Funday!



Where’s this? That’s exactly my kind of hike! :slight_smile:


No I never went to the shop and I never went to the bar thank fuck. I suppose my kids are my trigger but I’m aware of that big time. Every time I have to leave them I drink. It usually ends up in a bad situation because I’m upset but I’m aware and getting it sorted. Instead of being upset I’m just looking forward to the next time I get to see them.


Wow lucky you girl!! We need to become besties so I can come visit you :rofl::kissing_heart:


Yes!!! Our children are a blessing. Get some more sobriety time under your belt and I promise those triggers will die off!


I may hate you. It was -26C (BEFORE windchill factor) this morning driving to work. I think we get a high of -19C. I’m tired of cold.


Me and my girls were trying to convince my husband to find a job in LA so we can move to California. I might accept San Diego too. LOL


Omg hell no!!! I wouldnt be able to live in weather like that. No way!!



Fortunately it doesn’t last too long. Winter drags on but it isn’t always this cold. I’m just whining right now. It’s been about 2 weeks of stupid cold right now. It should end in another few weeks.


Good!! I hope it gets warmer where you are lol


It was in the 40s all weekend here in NE FL and I’ve been whining and miserable.


I defiantly thought about it but I also knew there was no danger I was going to the shop or pub. After 20 years of making an arse of it and finally realising I’m an alcoholic has hit hard. I’m starting from the bottom and working my way up and it feels brilliant. It’s like I’m a new man. Cheers for the heads up and take care lass


Haha Yeah I thought…Maybe this picture won’t be the best to post because everyone on here is suffering extremely cold temps, it seems like!


It’s expensive here, but there’s so much to do outside. I would probably recommend SD over LA :+1:


Yea seeing your beach pics and I’m like ahh!!! My family of 6 are heading down to Destin, FL for our kids spring breaks. Hopefully the weather will be nice!


That will be really nice! Even if the weather isn’t perfect I bet it will be really fun-big family! We’re going to Vegas for spring break so I’ll probably be stuck in an AC house lol


I went to Vegas last mothers day weekend with a gf of mine and I went sober! She drank and I wasnt even tempted. I was super proud of myself!


That’s awesome-what a great accomplishment :blush: I have yet to be in Vegas sober, I’m really looking forward to it. Outside of the strip there are beautiful areas to hike, I’ll just do more of that … If it’s not too hot by then lol I will almost be at a year when I’m there so I’ll have something to look forward to help keep me straight


I went to Vegas in July…it was INSANE!! My skin was litterally burning just walking from one casino to another. Crossing a bridge was unbearable. LOL


I think I would prefer to live in SD myself…or just outside of SD. But LA was always a dream of mine. Even when I was 13 I dreamed of living in LA. I was going to have a beach house in Santa Monica. LOL