Sugar boycott


4 days !
I never wanted to admit how much these affect me, my energy & my moods. I’ve been having a hard time balancing these two things (moods and energy) since stopped drinking, and now it’s time to stop both coffee and sugar and see where it goes.


I agree, they both seem to actually zap my energy instead of help it. Though sometimes coffee raises my blood pressure and other times it gives me bad anxiety. When I drank it once a week or at camp it was fine, but I am def not meant to be a daily drinker! Tea for me please!


I’m in for this challenge! From Halloween to New Year’s I was a sugar-eating man on a mission. I’ve been good (but not great) so far this year. Last 2 days I’ve been sugar free… plan is to continue that through January.


Yay! Same here, I sure would like some tonight but I feel SO much better already!


Going to join you guys… have been eating junk off and on for the last week. Today I ate healthy and low carb… no sweets or processed foods… so day 1 :white_check_mark: Anyone counting carbs? Was just curious… going to keep mine in between 50-100.


Hitting some goals, woot woot! I’m AMAZED how much better I feel without sugar in my body, this was a great change!


It is kind of amazing how much better you feel and function once sugar is gone. Way to go!


It really is, I’m most shocked in how different and less swollen my legs feel! It really is not good for me.


I am glad you are doing well with it. I was thinking last night (as the husband was eating some chocolate)…oh, maybe a small square of the dark dark chocolate…but I reminded myself of the slippery slope. I find the less sugar I take in …added and natural…the less I want. And I am feeling so great, I do not want to jeopardize that.

So happy you are finding your footing!


Last night I had this ooh, I have frosting on my counter still moment (monthly craving kicking in) and I said wait nope! Not for me! I knew how awful and bloated I would feel pretty immediately. I’m not replacing it with the approved paleo sugars or even fruit often for that matter, just plugging along and doing my thing! Eventually my end goal is no processed foods at all but with feeding a herd, that’s not currently economically feasible time wise so I still have condiments and sauces I buy but otherwise I eat pretty clean anyway. Pretty exciting to see things going in such an awesome direction once we start really letting go of the things that hold us back! :heart:


Thank you @MandiH this really inspires me. I have suffered rollercoaster moods & low energy still after being sober 3 mths. 2 days without sugar -> weird brain sensations etc


Does honey count as sugar? I make a concoction I call cat shit, because of the way it looks lol, with natural peanut butter, honey and whole oats mixed up.


It can, it varies though from person to person-just be aware of you feel after you eat it. Paleo allows natural honey and real maple syrup, so they arent out in my book. However, it used to be that after I ate them I still used to feel bloated and zapped-not nearly as bad as white sugar but I still felt it so I haven’t bothered this time yet. It really depends on your body and gut health, if you’re fighting candida for example you want to stay away from all sugars, carbs, yeasts, even certain vegetables etc as it feeds it so it even goes beyond sugar but sugar it’s a pretty big offender in that situation, even if it’s fruit. Once it’s under control again though you can do it in moderation and be ok as long as your gut stays balanced and healthy. It really comes down to your gut health and true moderation. That’s my discoveries so far at least, but I welcome anyone that has more knowledge to shed more light! :slight_smile:


Definitely a different scenario when feeding more than just yourself…like I am…husband feeds himself. I don’t do any fruit (what I miss most, but will add in some after I reach my goals)…do only ethyritol, and very very little when I make ‘sweet’ fat bombs or a pinch added to whipped cream if I am indulging.

Like getting sober, it is a learning experience. I am just happy the cravings are limited.


Oh I used to love making energy bombs that included honey and oats, cacao, seeds and nuts…yum.

Honey definitely counts as sugar for me. :disappointed_relieved:

Are you doing no sugar or keto @CaptAZ? If keto, sugar is a no no.


I’m plant based now, switched about 2 months ago.

The oats, peanut butter and honey would all be no nos for me on keto. Giving up peanut butter was the hardest part of keto for me lol


I don’t get bloated or uncomfy like I do after muffins, but it is semi sweet and quite filling. Hits the spot when the wife is enjoying a king size candy bar right next to me lol


Yes, no oats, peanut butter or honey for me anymore…bummer, as I loved those energy balls…but now I am a fat bomb fan. :sunglasses:

I would think if you are keeping your sugar intake low, a little honey wouldn’t be bad if it was satisfying a need. Or have you tried fruit? Lots of sugar there. Sadly, also off my current list of foods.


I don’t do honey but would sub coconut oil and maybe some whizzed up raisins and dates into that mix and it would be delicious


Oh absolutely on the fruit. Loaded fruity oatmeal is a go to.

@siand I don’t do the coconut oil on plant based, no refined oils or sugars