Sugar boycott


Day 8! Yesterday I had a massive sugar craving in target as I walked by the ice cream…so I kept going to the dried fruits isle and grabbed a few of those and some raisins to eat on my way home. Totally worked, the days are still adding up! :slight_smile:

Edit: I also skipped getting my salad at Wendy’s yesterday (not that they are really good for you anyway but I didn’t bring lunch) so I didn’t get a frosty. I ate a salad at Panera instead, much better option!


Not to be a total dick, but you do know raisins and dried fruit are loaded with sugar. I am assuming you are avoiding added sugar, not all sugar?


Lol yes, I haven’t been eating much natural sugar either but had a killer craving yesterday for it all day so I ate the small box of raisins and have the dried fruit for other moments when that kicks in again so I have something on hand. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the clarification, I figured as much. :yum:


Ok, I’m REALLY glad you mentioned this @Sassyrocks , I didn’t realize how much sugar was in these!

20 grams in my little organic raisin box! I’m still ok with it in moderation but wow. Had no idea! I think I really should start tracking my food again to see how it all stacks up over the day.


Yes, super sugar bombs. More carbs than I have all day!



I love Calvin and Hobbes.


What you are aiming for is 5g or less in 100g serving for it to be considered healthy, only exclusions to that rule are natural sugars from fruit but again just being sensible, again with fats needs to be less that 5g per 100g unless its refined


Hey y’all! I’m on board with this. My life is way happier when there’s no sugar in it. It becomes addictive (which I totally didn’t care about in my first year off drugs and alcohol…but I’d like to rein in now). I’ve been starting to follow the Body Ecology (focus on food combining, fermented foods and zero processed foods or sugar…probably some other stuff too that I can’t think of) and I already know it makes me feel fantastic. Anyone else into it? Love you all❤️


Sounds interesting @ELY83. I love me some kimchi. I do keto right now and it has worked wonders in helping me kick sugar (one of my goals)…like you, I was fine with indulging my sweet tooth when I was building my sober muscles, now that I am closing in on 2 years sober, I am ready to end my sugar dependence and also burn off tue fat I have gained over the past several years (menopause is no joke!). So far, I am super happy with keto and especially my energy levels. Once I reach my goal, I will be looking for a way of eating that includes more fruits, which may just be keto with more fruits and veggie carbs. We will see. I will look up your WOE, but do share any info if you want, always interested in hearing about other ways of eating. Good luck with the sugar, it has been really good for me no longer relying on something sweet to perk me up.


I’ve just started tracking food again too, @MandiH. Staggering how many calories I did not realize I was consuming!


I think that’s called “paleo”. I was paleo when I was heavy into swimming and biking, and got great results. Needed those clean carbs to fuel marathon swims and rides. I’m on day 3 of a water fast and definitely feel better than yesterday. Was going for 7 days, but will break my fast tonight and do 21 days OMAD instead.


Thanks @Yoda-Stevie…always good to put a name to a plan.

Good for you with your fasting. I do IF pretty much every day, eating from 3 to 7 usually. I like the energy of it. OMAD definitely makes it very doable.

I have read about endurance athletes who do keto…which is fascinating. Imagine the amount of fats they must take in!!

Hope your day goes well.


Sounds very interesting, what is OMAD? I felt great after my recent fast also but it was nice to eat again.


One meal a day.


Do you use myfitnesspal? I should do this too as I do want to see it all jotted down to note how I feel after I eat and how many calories/carbs/proteins/sugars etc. I’m taking in.


I have used MFP in the past and at the beginning of keto. Great for tracking macros. I did upgrade to premium for a short time while I learned what a 70/25/5 split looked like. Very helpful.


Ohhhh, duh lol. Thank you!


Ok, here I am again :blush: Made it official and I’m going to do it: a sugarboycot! :facepunch: I’m a vegetarian and want to eat more vegan as well. So enough challenges ahead, wanna stay sober also :blush:
Wish me luck!