Sugar boycott


I got 4 boxes of cake mix for Christmas from my boy…so I made two of them yesterday hoping to have a lot of help eating them lol. I had some and I feel it today. Also I had an entire dinner last weekend where apparently everyone felt they had to bring gluten free desserts for me and even the ones I didn’t eat got sent home with me. It was super sweet and thoughtful so it made it very hard to say no thanks, I know you went totally out of your way for me and spent a shitload of time/money to make sure I wasn’t left out but I’m not eating it. So, I didn’t…I ate some of that too. No biggie though, just getting right back to it!


I was doing pretty well. I have had 7 mince pies since Saturday (I tried one and it was too sweet, so made up some more without sugar in the pastry)… But I have just eaten a pack of Lindt Lindor :joy: Although it was too much and I have made myself feel a bit sick so I’m going back to sugar free as of tomorrow!


I’ve had, 5 mince pies, 500g of assorted chocolate, half a box of orange chocolate matchsticks and 4 chocolate bars in three days, my body feels so sluggish :face_vomiting: I haven’t had any Christmas pudding or cake yet, I still have a box of mince pies left too, I really need to get back to healthy eating by body can’t take the luxury food no more


Sugar is something I’m trying to definitely be more conscious of. BUT IT IS IN LITERALLY EVERYTHING!!! Howwwwww do you do it?


I have made lots of incremental changes to what and how I eat over the last couple of years that has made it easier. First thing is cook everything from scratch. While I really enjoy my food, I think of food as nourishment rather than something that gives me pleasure. Also, although I have cut things out I try and focus on what I do eat - lots of fruit and veg, pulses, nuts.


Today I’m making my last 2 boxes of cake mix of the 4 I got at Christmas. Thank God I live with sugar fiends who ate most of the first two lol


I’m still pigging out on chocolate and buscuits I’m not getting back to the boycott till January :grin: can’t waste good food


I started Keto this past October, lost 12 lbs pretty easily. Christmas was bad…too many cookies and sweets. I felt worse with every cookie, but sugar is a tough one for me…I love the sweet stuff!
The last week has been a struggle, but I’m trying everyday to get back to it! I’m glad thst I like dark chocolate, it has less sugar!


I could jump on board with this one for sure! I use to be 220 lean muscle realllly good shape. I’m 295 today and very overweight… i commit to cutting ALL chocolate, deserts, and sugar in coffee to start! :slight_smile:


How many people are back on the sugar boycott? New year is over and done with and I’m back training tonight so will be back to the healthy eating regime


Today is my day 1 again, I’m back on board! The holidays are over and the cake I got for Christmas is finally all gone lol. Yay!!


:joy: Same, all cake, cookies and sweets are gone :tada:


I had to reset my counter again yesterday… I discovered a bar of Green & Blacks and couldn’t resist :see_no_evil:

But definitely back on it as of today!


:joy: :joy: Naughty girl and you didn’t share, how could you :wink:


Im definitely in!


Restarted my counter to after my last sugary indulgence yesterday and changed my photo to an older one of me to help remind me why I am doing this. It feels funny to see myself so I’m not sure if I’ll keep it however lol.


This is such a beautiful picture, you should keep it as a good reminder

Also ughhh I’ve been so bad. We got 4!! slices of cheesecake yesterday, I need a sugar detox. I’ll try for a couple days and check back in. It’s birthday month for my family so I’m at least having one day of indulgence.


Tried a new creamer for my coffee. It is called Nutpods and is pretty good! Zero sugar and carbs!


Ok, I’m ready. I’ve been feeling good without coffee, and now, it’s time. I’m going to at least do 21 days, and hopefully continue. :turtle:


How long have you gone without coffee now? I go back and fourth on it but I really do function better without it and I don’t drink it unless it has sugar. Today I unexpectedly started my day with tea instead of coffee for some reason when I got to work and after I read on here, it resulted in me resetting my sugar counter! It’s just time!! A few days from now I’m going to be a cranky beeyotch w a headache but after that it’s pure magic…Bring it on, I’m ready!