Sugar boycott


Love it! Last night I wanted a pb&j of all things lol. I stayed in bed instead, much better choice.


What’s a pb&j @MandiH?


My crush is that chocolat bar at my sugar screen.
Going to the shop now. But instead of buying them, I’m going to buy vegan soja yogurt and nuts :blush:


Peanut butter and jelly lol


Really? :joy: What a strange combination! :grin:
But :heart: peanutbutter (the one with little pieces of nuts and no added sugar and a little bit seasalt!)


Can I be excused for a week on this, girl needs chocolate and ice cream for comfort right now :joy:


Heck yeah, do what you have to!


Of course! There’s times other things need our attention and focus and this would be it for you girl. Take all the time you need!


I do use MFp, @MandiH. Sorry I just saw this!


Baby - eat ALL the ice cream!:heart:


Have some for me please! :doughnut: :cookie: :chocolate_bar: :ice_cream: :pie:


I haven’t been logging anything yet, I’ve hardly eaten anything since Saturday but once I can I expect I’ll be doing it again! I’ll have to add you. :slight_smile:


Two 7 year birthday parties… cakes, bisquits, candy marching before my eyes… i had ONE relapse in 2 weeks :grimacing:
To tell you, afterwards i felt like hungover and my stomach was very upset :confounded:


Amazing how it effects you when you’re off it a bit isn’t it? Reminds me of alcohol. Once I quit, if I go back to it I feel the negative effects WAY more and it’s not pleasant. Reaffirming though!


It really is! Alcohol is sugar too and i red that many alcoholics have been sugar addicts first and most of them are hypoglycemic. It makes sense.


Working on my sugar habit!

Starting eating vegan and stopped sugar. Today day 5.


Feeling any better today?


Unfortunately not, thanks for asking :blush: this is a stubborn winter virus. I noticed youre already among the livings :grin:
Well, ginger, garlic, lemon and this &that herb are in use… i just feel like a paralyzed lobster with million things to do. Zen attitude needed. Ooommmm


Ouch…sorry to hear. I had the chest cough thing for About 4 or 5 weeks, it sucked. Lots of oil of oregano supplements and also eucalyptus oil in the diffuser, plus rest and fluids. Hope you feel better soon.


Sending you some healing thoughts, I hope it passes soon! I was a bear yesterday but it was day 5 without really eating, but I was able to eat an apple yesterday and some green beans as well as a few bites of a chicken thigh. I was a lot less bitchy after I ate lol. Hope you find some zen love, it was a great lesson for me on letting things go that were beyond my control. Get well soon!