Sugar boycott


I started logging again yesterday, if you want to add me I’m mandimuscles on MFP :slight_smile:


Thank you @Sassyrocks :blush: just have to think this too will pass.
I have taken oregano & clove oils so much my liver will soon explode :boom:


Thank you once again @MandiH :pray:
Do you have any patience vibes :grin:
Glad to hear you are transforming back to a nice fluffy teddybear.


No one wants an exploding liver!!! Ouch!


Ok guys. Now that I’m logging my food, what is a “normal” carb range? I am being mindful of them but not cutting them out totally. Today with my salad and an orange, I’m at 45 and that seems high.


You aren’t doing keto right? If you are trying to avoid added sugar and eating fruits and veggies, you can easily fit in 50 to 100 a day or more.

I don’t see the sugar in fruits and veggies as being an issue (for non keto folk), just keep added sugar low or at 0 (sweeteners, condiments, canned and packaged food). And if you are eating bread and pasta, well, then you are going to be up higher in carbs.

I am on keto, so I keep mine below 20…that is net carbs (carbs minus fiber). None of it being added sugars…all from real food.


Thannnnkkkkkk you!!! Nope, not on keto, nothing processed and sticking with paleo for now so I think I’ll be ok! Not doing breads, pasta or rice. Maybe occasional potatoes or wild rice but really love being pretty au natural so that’s what I’m back into! Lucky me the flu kick started my weight loss by 10 lbs so 15 to go to get back to my weight from this spring now that I’ve got my sober sugar bug under control! :heart_eyes:


In my opinion if you are eating real food you don’t need to obsess or worry about its sugar content. Just avoid all that processed added sugar. You are doing a great job, tho having the flu isn’t exactly fun.


I think there is no “normal” range. Every body uses carbs differently. My normal may not be your normal.
Get well soon Mandi :kissing_heart:


I’m in again :wink: My skin and intestines scream for a sugar break. I had way too much sweets, pastry and pure sugar the last months. Time to put more greens in my belly :+1:


Me too. I made it a month, then my son bought me gluten free whoopie pies for his birthday. Mine is in a week so I’m not being super strict again until that’s over with but I’m not going crazy on it either. People often go way out of their way to surprise me with gluten free desserts around this time of year, I figure balance right now is ok until my birthday passes.


I was doing well, like @MandiH made it a month and then there were a series of excuses to eat cakes.

I’m in again too :grin:


Bumping this thread up because this is my day 2 without sweets and I am currently going bonkers.

Here is an article:

Time to go walk up and down 6 flights of stairs twice to try to distract myself. I am counting minutes at this point…

Tagging @MandiH and @Lionfish . Anyone else in and looking for mutual support?


GREAT minds girl! I was going to resurrect this thread tonight after my Gramma visit lol


Just like “having one” drink doesn’t work, I’m choosing to not even start with sugar. It kinda takes its power away. My self control goes down drastically once I give in just a little. I don’t need sugar. It’s not something that is part of a well balanced diet.

I’ve been getting up and walking around a little every hour to keep me focused as well.


This is exactly what I said last night!! I can wean down fine, which I am doing now but once it’s gone and I give in once, it’s all downhill for a while usually. Damn these addictive tendencies! Lol.


Just like with staying sober from alcohol/drugs, it was like it clicked “just don’t start!”. So odd that it can be applied to a food (sugar). But also I’m not trying to get ahead of myself on this because then I’ll be tricked into thinking I can handle it lol I so CANNOT handle it :joy:

You have been such an inspiration Mandi!!!


That article suggested 10 days to shift away from physical withdrawal. I’m going to set my goals as: 5 days, 7 days, 10 days then reassess how i feel. A colleague asked my goal and i said “until i stop feeling obsessed”. I need to get to a place of neutrality and feeling good without it. This includes not eating cookies, biscuits, donuts etc at AA meetings. UHG


I find that if I indulge in sugar replacements (keto approved), I activate my sweet tooth again. My treat has been whipping cream, cream cheese, a touch of peppermint extract, cacao powder and some Swerve…lately I have added keto chocolate chips to it…argh…it tastes fantastic and just makes me want to keep eating. Sigh. Trying to be kind to myself and gentle with my food issues.


Yup. I did GREAT until I made paleo approved banana bread with maple syrup…started the sweet tooth cravings all over again. Sat way better in my system than other processed sugars do but it started the craving cycle again. It’s ridiculous how similar this is to battling alcohol for me, super eye opening!