Sugar boycott


Can’t do artificial sweeteners because farts. :roll_eyes:


Hahahahaha that’s the best


Hahaha me too


Bahaha, yup, same here. Throws my stomach WAY off! And my face gets really red too.


Ok so I have really sucked at this. But today was the last day of refined carbs in our house. No more added sugar, no more honey, no more white bread (including no more pizza :sob:). This is happening!


You’re my hero. I still cant seem to shake all the sugar lately!


:expressionless: You are the bravest person I know.


Isn’t it crazy what a hold it can have over you!

We had a bit of a last hurrah this evening. The pizza was delicious, I will miss it, but I am sure there will be some alternatives. Cheese is still firmly on the menu!


Ha I will take it I need as much encouragement as I can get


You can make pizza with a 3 ingredient naan bread (almond flour, coconut milk, arrow root flour), homemade sauce (sans sugar) and cheese and veggies! Not sure good it would be, but… pizza!


I make pizza from naan bread all the time. I love it. Its easy and tasty.


Game changer! Well that’s exciting.

Will definitely be trying that. Don’t have arrow root flour but I will hunt it down!


Have you ever seen the Haribo sugar free gummies vids on Youtube?


We had ‘homemade pizza’ last week on naan, but it was store bought so I likely had sugar added. I did make the sauce my self, can of tomato sauce and small can of paste with sauteed onions and garlic and Italian seasoning. If I can find arrow root flour i will make the bread next time, as i have a big bag of almond flour.


You should be able to find tomato sauce and paste without sugar added, that and some Italian seasoning and boom, a nice rich pizza sauce!

I like mine with a light dusting of mozzarella, basil, chunked tomatoes, mushrooms and kalamata olives. Mmm mmmm good!


I haven’t and can’t at the moment. Some titles give it away though. Yikes!


People ate Haribo Sugar Free Gummies, and hilarity did not ensue :joy::rofl:


That sounds good! Except the olives. Not a fan of hot olives.


I had the worst weekend sugar binge. Let’s just say that Imma have to buy more Halloween candy.:roll_eyes:


For grins I made the paleo naan bread tonight. It was very runny, like crepes. Out of 3 attempts, one seemed to work. Then I whipped up some sauce and threw this together. The kids really liked it.