Sugar boycott


Oh and 0 added sugar! If I can get the bread to be a bit thicker, I think it would be tops.


Holy carp. Nothing with a laxative warning on the label should be in the “candy” aisle. Some of these Amazon reviews are priceless, though.


Lol. It’s endless. I believe it turned into a “challenge”


I laughed SO hard at the reviews!


Good for you!! I have done the same, mostly, including oil and all dairy. Haven’t eaten meat for over 25 years, aside from fish. Switched to 100% plant based, and also quit oil and when I finally stopped drinking I lost 10 lbs. basically sitting on my arse. I’ve mentioned her before but look up Chef AJ. She’s battled food addiction and it wasn’t until went completely plant based no SOS (salt, sugar, it oil) that she lost a bunch of weight and she’s doing fabulous. She also doesn’t drink (it doesn’t make sense for her), which is a bonus. She’s literally oozing enthusiasm and energy! Check her out :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


I eat keto, so no sugar added or natural. I found that giving up the substitute sugars made it a lot easier to curb my rampant sweet tooth. It actually feels good to do fat instead of sugar. I have WAY more energy burning fat than I ever did burning glucose. YMMV


thanks I’m going to check her out right now. Im always looking for new ideas. Not sure if I can give up salt and oil. Lol i already feel a lot better just giving up white flour and added sugars and I lost 35 pounds sitting on the couch.


I have to say, I am pretty impressed with myself! I did not eat a single piece of candy on Halloween. I did eat a half of a pumpkin whoopie pie but no candy and I didnt eat the whole thing. That’s progress. I havent had any ice cream in over a week too, I think I’m finally almost there!


Your doing awesome girl. Takes time. After not having added sugars for a couple of weeks I tried to sneak a cookie. BAD idea. I ended up with a 3 dau headache in the back of my head. Felt like a horrible hangover. That is what keeps me off added sugar. Lol


No candy here either but this lady has a big thing of red vines at work…grrr :wink:


That’s great! My sister text this morning asking if I stayed out if the candy, proud to report that I did.

She hasn’t replied back. So I think this is a one way street. :joy:


I maintain that I was carbing up for my run today… :roll_eyes:


Hi guys, can I join you?
I have often tried to quit sugar … but I always ended up giving in. I know I feel so much better without…
So… let me go after it again. I am almost eleven months sober, so no excuses. I could use some support and accountability, though :wink:


I have also added sugar as an extra counter on the app. 3 days sugar free!


Of COURSE you can join in!! Would love to have you help motivate me lol


Is that like twizzlers?


Yup - your either a Red Vines person or a Twizzlers person … I like Twizzlers :wink:


I’ve never heard of them! But now I kinda want to try them…did great today except for my coffee! Great for studying lol


Would love to join you all. I’m doing great in sobriety but it has definitely kickstarted my sweet tooth. Especially around Halloween! I put artificial sweetener in my coffee but want to quit eating candy, cake, ice cream, etc. And nighttime snacking is usually something sweet. So I’M IN! Would also love to know where to find some good (free) info about the keto diet. Seems like every link leads to some site or book that will cost you!


This is actually a really good time to let things go that dont serve you so perfect timing on this! :heart: