Sugar boycott


So what do you do for dessert without sugar?

Well, tonight I am making a strawberry sauce (using stevia instead of sugar). Combined with sliced strawberries, then freeze it. Once its frozen, drizzle some half and half over it.

A delicious frozen treat that has no added sugar!


I found a great Women Over 50 Keto group on FB, but obviously that is out for you Bill. Another forum I find informative is

I was truly amazed at how quickly I lost my sweet tooth once I started Keto. It was certainly out of control once I got sober…I am a pro at substituting one addiction for another.

So far, I am enjoying Keto, I definitely feel different…more focused energy and it feels good to be off sugar.


Sugar specifically chocolate was a staple when I was just getting sober. I wouldn’t trade the calories I gained for trading alcohol for a snickers bar.

I am doing keto now but in the beginning of sobriety I would suggest to eat up!


So I am posting this here as a few keto people are on this thread :wave: But @MandiH if you feel it’s a hijack I will find a keto thread to post on :grin:

I have found a couple of recipes for pumpkin which I am hoping to make this weekend but am not down for white flour. Was thinking about these swaps and would welcome comments…

Spelt flour for plain flour in:

Almond flour/ ground almonds instead of breadcrumbs in:


I agree 100% with you @Forged, getting my carbs in early sobriety was a huge help, specifically chocolate and sweets carbs. Your body needs to replace your alcohol carbs for awhile to get sober, at least mine really craved the sugar. After a year and a half it was tired of all that crap and certainly it has felt almost like a relief or epiphany taking sugar out of my diet now that I am at 600 days sober…like a switch flipped or something.

I recommend getting solid in your sobriety before working on changing your way of eating, but that is just my MO. I like building confidence in one area first before tackling another YMMV.


Well, I can’t help on substituting, Google might know the best keto substitute for the recipes or ask on a keto forum. I think the 2nd recipe may have way too many carbs tho with so much pumpkin if I converted correctly, which I may not have, just having my morning coffee. :grinning:


Welcome on the no-sugar-train :heart::hugs:


I must admit that from time to time I have something sweet :yum::see_no_evil: But it’s waaaay less than it used to be. I had sweets every day and now I buy something sweet like chocolate bars 1x in 2 weeks maybe.


I’m not really keto, just working on refined carbs at the moment.

I don’t eat meat so aim for a wide variety of fruit and veg, carbs inevitable. Or just not something particularly worried about at the moment anyway!


I just proved to myself that I’m weak (or at very least, absentminded)! Someone brought in a boatload of donuts and, without blinking an eye, I gobbled one down. Then I jumped on the TS app and realized, Oh fuuuuuuuudge (Christmas Story reference)… I’m supposed to be saying no to sugar. All I can do is reset the clock and try harder.


I don’t smoke but I am always amazed at people who try and quit drinking and smoking at the same time.

Now sugar. You guys have some fortitude.


My appetite started dropping off around 85 days sober, and automatically dropped from a packet of cookies a night to half and for the last two days I haven’t had any :grin: so pleased with myself


Was out at a do this evening with a buffet. Didn’t pick up a piece of bread, forgot about rice (assume it was white rice) but never mind because there was a whole selection of home made cakes which I didn’t touch. Progress!


I’m ready. Sugar, it’s been a wild ride. It’s time to let you go too.


Anyone else get headaches and irritable after cutting sugar?


Every. Single. Time. I also feel like I have the flu, I get body and muscle aches as well.


Tiredness again for sure but dropping alot of sugar in one go I suppose will do that. I had to buy an energy drink today which I haven’t done for weeks. Glad it’s not me then, had to go meditate earlier as I was irritable over petty things, like my son jumping in my sofa space :joy:


Totally not just you, I’m super sensitive when I change ANYTHING! But sugar withdrawals are real, for sure!


And good for you for meditating and acknowledging it! That’s awesome!


My main thing is is I’m just so HUNGRY.

Feel like it must be sugar related cos apart from that I’m eating the same as usual :thinking: