Sugar boycott


I started Keto about 6 weeks ago, maybe 2 months??? I’ve lost 12 lbs. I haven’t been perfect, but I cannot believe how much better I feel, focused, not tired all day, I’m able to wake up early and stay up. I’m not bloated, and I love seeing the change in the mirror!


After one week full of sugar I’m back again on the no added sugar train. The only sweets I’ll eat are from fruit. Yesterday evening I had my first celery juice since months, was good :blush:


Would like to join! Still eating to much sugar, mostley chocolate. It replaces the wine :expressionless:
But I want to quit that too!
Following 5:2 diet (intermitting fasting) and lost 6 kilogram (13 lbs) since july.
Today day 1 no added sugar (and definitely no chocolate!).


I’m on my 3rd day with no candy or other sweet treats. It feels good, but I crave it pretty hard. I make sure to have lots of crunchy vegetables and fruit on hand.


A few nights ago I had fruity pebbles for dinner…so I screwed up a bit but not horribly. Back on the wagon the next day. Tea helps but I wanted coffee this afternoon too. Brushing my teeth at night helps a lot, afternoons and right after dinner I want something sweet. Fresh fruit I keep at work and that’s helped a bunch but I only allow myself one thing so I’m not going overboard there either. Nuts seem to help me a lot too!


Oh gosh I have been craving cinnamon toast crunch or honey Bunches of oats… Fruity pebbles sounds good too lol


Its been 3 days and 12 hours since my last dose of sugar, fastfood and caffeine.

I did so well for a long time, then that damn McRib came to town and ruined everything. From mid Nov. to 3 days ago, I indulged in sugary treats and fast food. That is when my weightloss stalled. You can see the trend for the last month being flat.

But as you can see, I’m weighing in at 197 today! Which is the lightest I’ve been in over 10 years!


It’s not working for me. When I have cravings I eat chocolate. When I can’t eat someting with sugar then I’m afraid to give up my sobriaty :flushed:
So I eat less sugar, but I cannot get rid of all of it.
Maybe when I have more sober days under my belt.


Wow! You are doing great! :facepunch:


I’m on the right path also. Almost at my to wish for weight! :heart:


Cutting down sounds good, better than not cutting down! And definitely better to eat some chocolate than start drinking :blush:

I have posted this recipe before but am reposting because it’s quite a long thread. I sometimes make up a batch of this (although I have tinkered with the amounts of everything, tend to use mixed nuts and add coconut oil and dates), squidge the mix into a container, keep it in the freezer and cut off a section when I want something sweet.

Other things that help satisfy my sweet tooth are fruit and dried fruit (especially dates and figs, try to have these in moderation though). And I love having a cup of cocoa for a bit of a chocolate hit although it’s clearly not the same as the real thing!


Think I’m going to have to boycott the sugar boycott over Christmas, have to join in the over indulgence :joy: I’ll be back on it in the new year


I am going to do a limited boycott of the boycott! I make mince pies and I’m not giving them to everyone else and not having any for myself :joy:

I also have a recipe for cinnamon buns that I would like to try and I feel like Christmas is a good time to give them a go.

Other than that though I am going to try and stick with it, all chocolate presents will be regifted/donated with immediate effect to remove temptation!


:joy: :joy: The chocolate is going nowhere but in my belly :+1:


I have most of my chocolat in the freezer, otherwise I eat it all at once! :flushed:


I’m with you on that. We are doing a cookie exchange today, how can i not try some?


Too tempting with all the good food over the Christmas holidays to not try it all


Haha fair enough. I seem to have managed to recondition my brain with most sweet stuff so it isn’t that appealing any more.


Still on keto (since October)…and enjoying the very low carbs and no sugar. I do miss fruit tho, so am thinking once I hit my goal, will add a little back in for maintenance. It is AMAZING the energy I have from no carbs, truly amazing. It is an interesting way of eating. I do love fat, so that makes it nice. My skin is glowing and I am losing inches and pounds. I was way way overdoing the sugar after I stopped drinking.

Fat bombs are my go to…usually make them with homemade almond butter, coconut oil and some cacao powder…yum.

Enjoy following this thread and everyone’s progress. Lots if good keto groups out there if people are interested.

Have a great day!


I’ve eaten so much chocolate over the last few days, my skin is breaking out in spots :astonished: just a few more days of indulgence please, I don’t know if I can endure all this sugar for much longer, I’m just being so pigish :joy: