Sugar boycott


I did not initially have cravings after quitting, but about a month ago I quit smoking, about the same time as Halloween, and I started eating the Halloween candy like an animal - and I have NEVER liked candy other than occasionally before. I suspect the cigarettes were keeping my mouth busy (I was smoking a lot more, too). I’m finally weaning myself slowly back off the sweets and desserts. Drinking stuff like La Croix, which has an essence of sweetness without the calories seems to help trick my brain Into not wanting more sweets after I drink one or 5 lol


A trick I used to use is brushing my teeth when a craving hit. If I still ate it, it would taste terrible and defeated the purpose so I never bothered. Good thinking on the lacroix!


Great idea! My son always wants sweets at night, he’s a pusher lol we watch the great British baking show in my room before bed and i always rinse, brush, floss before hand so I can say more firmly “We don’t need any sugar”.


I can’t watch that show anymore! After I started watching it, I realized all I was doing was going to different bakeries in my neighborhood to gobble up baked goods. That show is trouble for me.


Haha that’s all I think every night-we are torturing
ourselves lol we only have one more season so I’ll think of something more beneficial to watch. He bakes some of the things they make though, so it’s kinda cool to see him into it.


Killin it man.

I always got a heavy hangover when I went into the carbs.


My sugar/carb cravings go through the roof at this time of day (2:30pm) ahhhhh


So did I but then it came off pretty quickly


Today I started a sugar counter to keep me focused for a bit. Last night I ate a few bites of it after a few days without it and it bloated me like you wouldnt believe! Even if I push out my stomach as far as I can, I can’t even come close to the same result today. This is def the right way to go! I feel so much more energetic and so much less swollen, focusing inward and really paying attention to how things REALLY feel has been a really good shift for me.


I have looked 4 months pregnant for days, I think it’s the sugar also :frowning:


Ugh I wasn’t going to post this but I love you so I will lol. Yeah, so this was last night, looking for real pregnant.

This is today now that the sugar is back out of my system. It’s crazy!


My sugar free is going well. I do no added or free sugar (so no maple syrup, honey etc). I have fruit and dried fruit, as long as it doesn’t have added sugar. Try and limit dried fruit though cos it activates my sweet tooth. Don’t have fruit juice.

In the last 38 days I have had one dessert and that was by accident (out for a work do and just ate the pudding in front of me absent mindedly while chatting to someone 🤦).

I don’t eat refined carbs at home i.e. white bread, rice or pasta. But I relax this if I eat out because otherwise it is just too much.

I will make mince pies for Christmas gifts and they have sugar in, I will eat some of them because I know they will be delicious. But I will limit my intake and not eat any other sugary shit people give me. Any chocolate will be regifted.

I have recently realised that proper cocoa doesn’t have sugar and this made me so happy. Nice warm chocolatey goodness :heart_eyes:


Sounds like you’ve got a great thing going! :heart_eyes:


I’ve learned by 3:30p I should speak as little as possible until dinner. #hangry


Yes this is me! Thanks girl :heart:️ I swear last night I really had to question if I could be pregnant that’s how terrible it was. But that would be impossible-fortunately/unfortunately if you know what I mean lol


My absolute least favorite way to eat anything! I do this a lot at parties, like I would with drinking, to kind have something to do I guess, or because I feel obligated.


Oh my God! I’m not the only one!!!


I’m guess in need to follow this bc I’ve given up sugar! I gave up sugar before I gave up alcohol, go figure.


So @Lionfish and @MoCatt let’s do this ladies! I can’t believe I was ok feeling like that daily, it’s crazy the difference. It’s super lovely to not feel that pregnant feeling type of bloating and that my stomach doesn’t stick out further than my chest anymore, woot woot! I also have SO much more energy! It’s weird not having my coffee this morning but water and tea work just fine!


I’m with you, Mandi. I had no idea that was such a cause of bloat. My skin definitely looks worse when I’m sugar binging. It’s time!!!