Sugar habit

I have 970 days of sobriety, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever kick my sugar habit. I’m always craving something, rather its ice cream or candy. Probably what helps keep me from alcohol. I had a nasty ass soda habit afterwards, but I have been able to keep it to a normal amount at this point. Just curious to see how everyone does with this and if anyone has suggestions.

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I absolutely know this feel and have so far done very little about it, lol. It was crazy the first month, demolishing pounds of M&Ms.

I don’t drink any sugary drinks anymore. Just a plain coffee in the morning, water or flavored sparkling water all day, then an herbal tea at night.

But lord, if I don’t get some chocolate or ice cream after dinner, look out! :blush:

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Ooo. If you get bold, @MandiH started a Sugar boycott thread.

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I’ll have to check it out ! I don’t think I’ll ever ditch the sugar though.

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I wasn’t much a sugar person as a drunk, not even for my first 7 months sober, but the last 9 months I’ve had a sweet tooth like no other.

I dunno, I’d rather eat some ice cream and candy than drink if that’s what it’s come too.

I do find that the more active I am, the more I’m able to not just resist sugar but not really want it. When I’m couch potatoing it I am much worse lol.

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I’m a sugar fiend lately. It wasn’t even that strong in the beginning but now 3 months in, I’m craving all the bad stuff. French fries and ice cream.
Not sure how to stop it.
Fruit smoothies help.

I was a good girl today, and just bought a good amount of fruit. When I first stopped drinking, I started drinking like a 2 liter of cola a day, it was retarded, but had a placebo effect. I really have cut back a ton since. I enjoy my coffee with cream and don’t feel the need to give that up. I’ll have to drink my tea again without sugar here and there.

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