Swimmers thread 🏊🏻‍♀️

Hi there, as you know I Iove swimming and water overall. It’s my favorite hobby, element and enthusiasm. Sometimes it’s my therapist as I can reset my body and mind like nowhere else.

I think it’s good to have a motivating, healthy and socializing hobby to support your own way. The way itself might be another and I am still on my way to navigate.

This place is just a place to share some swim motivation, workouts, pictures, links or just your today’s experience in the water or near water. It’s just for fun.

You are welcome to joyn at any levels :blue_heart:

Happy swimming :blue_heart:


I literally just got back in a pool after around 15 years a couple of weeks ago…i took my daughter but once she goes back to school i intend on going by myself to try and become fitter and lose some weight! Thank you for creating this thread Julia!! Xxx


Welcome :smiley:

I would be very happy and interested to joyn your journey :blue_heart:


Absolutely!! When i was a young girl (im 43 now) i used to compete and was pretty good then once a teenager i lost interest…one of the things i remember fondly is that once you reach that certain level of fitness you can kind of just swim your laps and mentally zone out so i know what you mean by it being therapy…that kind of therapy means more to me now im older and having had addiction issues so aswell as wanting to lose weight etc my main aim is to be able to get back to that place of therapy…does that make sense? Right now im so unfit il be gasping after 1 length so i know it will take time to get there but that will be my goal xx


I love this Thread idea!!!

The pool is my sanctuary. Its been my primary form of exercise along with walking for dropping 31 lbs since december.

So i only have about 20 minutes of pool workouts 3 times a week. I do High Intensity interval training in the pool. Breast stroke is my slow stroke to get my breath back (25 meters) then Front Crawl as fast as i can (25 meters). Each rest session between 30 seconds to a minute after every fast stroke. Do this for 20 minutes and you got a great full body burn.

So many neurological benifits to swimming too!!

Increase Serotonin : Aerobic exercise like swimming causes the brain to release neurotransmitters like serotonin, which can help combat anxiety, depression and stress. Boost Endorphins: Swimming increases blood flow, which can result in the release of endorphins.


Heck yeah! It’s funny this is the first thread I opened today because I haven’t been swimming at all this year, due to work and weather, and was planning to go today.

I work at a country club and on Mondays, employees can golf or use the pool for free. I love being in the water. It’s calming to just float. And a great workout for my tired old lungs. I basically lived in pools every summer when I was younger.

Swim on!


Welcome :smiley::blue_heart:
Glad to meet you here :sweat_drops:

The benefits of swimming are amazing, I love to watch videos or read articles about it.

May I a ask, where you are from?
You are stating in meters too :sweat_smile:

This year’s goal is 365 meters for me and I am absolutly on track although pausing 3 weeks in April due to covid.

The hiiit workout is a good idea, my sprinting skills could be better, I am very good in long distance, my longest was 4000 meters. Would like to do some hiit, but I just hate these hiit bodyweight workouts on the mat to be honest. I will give this a try :muscle:t2:


That’s what I am. talking about…
And there is this point where I could swim hours :sweat_smile:

I am happy that you are here, please feel free to share your progress or come here if you need motivation :blue_heart::muscle:t2:


Welcome Laura!
When you lived in pools once you will always find a way back :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


Yes i could once over, i absolutely will keep updated on here, hope you do too :blush:


Ok…week commencing Monday the 4th September…sometime that week i will make time to go for a swim on my own when my daughter is at school, that is where i will start :blush:


Yay, so happy to find this thread! I have recently rediscovered swimming (went earlier) and just feel at home in the water. I enjoy doing the laps but also just having fun with my children. My daughter and I learnt how to do handstands, forward and backward rolls this summer holidays. I was messing around under the water earlier and when I came up my daughter said I was a mermaid. I haven’t felt this young and free in ages!


Yey Jenny my swim buddy, we can all be buddies on here now thanks to Julia :blush:xx


Love that idea, and thanks again to @Juli1 for starting it.


Hi Jenny :smiley::smiley::smiley:

I thought about opening this thread very often and I am sooo soo happy to have you all here :blue_heart:


I haven’t been for about 8 weeks.
I love this thread, it reminds me to just go and get there.


I like to go to Anna Maria island and the Gulf of Mexico. I am not a swimmer. Well not like you. It’s more meditative for me . I float on my back and listen and just be. When I use the poor at my apt complex I am like a turtle. I swim underwater. This is a great idea for a thread Julia. Thanks.


Hello everyone, happy to have found this thread and thank you for creating it @Juli1. Same as you @Starlight14 I used to be a competitive swimmer back in my teenage years. Came to dislike it after that for several reasons, but the pandemic brought it back into my life. When I am honest, it is still just my “go to” sport. Once I get into the water, my body knows what to do and the brain switches into stand by :grin:.


I had a great time this afternoon. My daughter and I had the whole pool to ourselves and stayed in for 2 hours. The water was warmer than the air.

We started ‘swimming’ together when she was 5 months (she’s 9 now). It’s awesome to see how far she’s come. Her swim instructor wanted her on the team 2 summers ago but it was a miracle we even made it to lessons by 10am back then. I was in that bad place.

I remembered our goggles so we could search for diving toys together. I forgot not to throw the one that’s the same color as the pool. It took forever to find it! My lungs got a much needed workout.

Gonna try and go more!


Amazing Laura, sounds like a brilliant time. And yes to the lungs workout! Can’t believe how much work they do. My daughter has come on so much recently just from us messing about in the pool regularly.

Goggles that fit and a nose clip have completely changed my time in the water. I hated getting water up my nose and could never stop it. I am like @Soberbilly now, and spend my time swimming under water! Love the idea of being a turtle :grin: