Swimmers thread 🏊🏻‍♀️

Current status :swimming_woman:

I got a cold and it will take more days until I can get back into the water.

I had 2 wonderful flowy fast swims of 2000 in 50 last Sunday and Monday. They were so much fun!

I have to pause…
Whats somehow good for my way of recovery…
Cause my mind is also slowing down.
Had some real hard feelings to work through.

Had some reflection about my pool boy (lol) flirt and more reflections and more and some outer view advises…
It’s good to recognize falling back into patterns. And stop plans.

I deserve better :heart:

Am okay with pausing, as I still c my 2023 swimming goal of 365 km manageable! :muscle:t2:

Already have 330 and was 152 hours
in water this year :sweat_smile::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:

Happy swimming gang :sunglasses:


152 hours in the pool…wow!!! Your sanctuary!!!

I hit the pool at 7am this morning, and it was of course, GLORIOUS. I’ve decided to get in the pool and work through some of my issues and what went wrong. I can think very clear in the pool. I want to get off work and head back up there, but i need to start lifting weights to get my body together, probably put in some work and hit the pool again in the morning.


Took my kiddo’s to the dentist this morning, then i had a choice, run back to work and do nothing pending, or get a quick swim/lift in before lunch? Got me a good little swim in today, it’s funny, it doesn’t take much lifting weights to burn calories that’s for sure. That’s not a real 28 minutes either, i didn’t lift that long and it felt good. I’m going to incorporate that too, just a quick lifting session every single day.





The sweetest turtle :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I realy need to say that I am fucked up about pausing! This morning I had sore throut… So… Pausing! I am pausing since 2 weeks now!

Maybe a lesson to learn. Pausing during hard times. I would realy need my tool and passion SWIMMING. To feel my body. To restart my mind. To be in flow.

OK… Pausing.

Be aware when I am back! :grimacing::8ball:


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I’m pausing also Juli. But swimming starts tomorrow and have lanes booked for the three days after that also.

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I am pausing as well. Still haven’t fully recovered after my cold. I am going to be so out of breath when I start again :sweat_smile:

Btw I love that you can book lanes @Tragicfarinelli. How many people per lane is it usually? Here you just have to hope for a somewhat empty spot in the swimmers jam and snatch it fast when you see it.


About 6 per lane and it’s 27 yards long. It still feels busy if we don’t judge our speed correctly. I’m a middle laner and I get the fast and the slow with me….:joy:


Oh I see. I imagined it to be less crowded. I am medium fast as well. So we get the best of two speeds :grin:.


I am back in the game…
2,5 weeks with the flue and a hard life event.
You can’t imagine how amazing it was to enter the water and smash some lanes.

Contrary to my pushy mentality, I made a bit less… 1500 and 1800 meters. All the procedure, views, hot shower… Wuhf. Don’t ever question why we love swimming :grinning:

I watched deep down in the jump pit, but no turtle around :cry::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I had 2 little sips of wine few days ago. It was shit. I reseted my timer to be transparent with it. Was going through some hard cravings immediately. Decided yesterday to go on with the sober way. The work of refuge recovery helped me once more. Still working on the excersice… It’s a process.

Love you all!

How is your swimming game going? @Twizzlers @CATMANCAM @Pandita @Tragicfarinelli @SelfLove_42 @Mischa84 @JennyH @Bart_pt @ELY83 @Soberbilly



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It’s been a terrible week for me, I swam once i think on monday. I can 100% feel it, without my sanctuary, routine, i’ve fallen pretty hard this week.

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15th of December I reached my goal in swimming for 2023: 365 km (226 miles).

I realy made it.

Had to pause 4 times this year
(covid, inflammation, swimmers ear and a cold), around 6 to 8 weeks in total.
Anyway I made it!!

I know now that the last 3 illnesses had to to with this unhealthy “anything-ship” and my body screamed by this way for distancing from this guy. I don’t have contact anymore. Didn’t answer the last message. I am calm. And sober. And I got no unusual inflammation.

My dad knew about my goal and the current status, … that I will probably make it. We talked about it 2 weeks before he died on 7th of November. He is proud.

He also was, about the certification as a international life saver, I got in April this year.
My father had this too, when he was young. As well as my grandfather maternal.

Being in water means a lot to me.
It always will!

So I will do some more kilometers until end of this year :sunglasses::muscle:t2:

Happy swimming :blue_heart:


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Went back to the pool today after a way too long break. I loved to get into the flow and the peaceful silence in my head.
That’s really impressive and really inspiring @Juli1!

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Thank you, I am very proud…
Will make a similar goal for 2024 on think.

I love your description…
And know what you mean with peaceful silence. I think a longer distance swimmer is always a person that is okay to be in it’s own… In silence and flow. Not for everybody :blue_heart:

Closing the year 2023 with 381 km and 175 hours pure swimming time…
I spent over 1 week 24.7 in the water :sweat_drops:


Great work!

I’m getting in the pool tomorrow. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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