The Art of Sobriety


I don’t think this one is done. I want to add a pathway but I can’t get it right. Maybe I’ll keep this as is until I take my class and ask my instructor.


Aw. That is adorable!! I would hang that in my bedroom. :heart: :smile:


Whoa! Thats awesome, what medium is that?


Thank you =) I give them away randomly =)



The Colorado flag?


Nice… its the colorado flag inside the state of minnesota. My friend grew up in minnesota but made a life in colorado😉


I love these characters! So cute! and like they each have a personality.


Thank you @JohnSee! I love making them, hard to be unhappy around all their smiles! :blush:
Was going to take yesterday "off" but I ended up working, ha!


Last night I actually made myself a fort to paint in lol
Btw I am not a great painter, My forte is actually makeup and poetry however I wanted to start painting anyways.
This is what I painted.I couldnt upload it normal I had to do it sideways.

I painted myself based off a quote I heard. "Into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul"
I painted me running away from all the beer and alcohol I used to drink, into nature which seems to be the only thing that helps keep me grounded. :purple_heart:


I love it @Restlesssoul! The fort, the painting and it's meaning!! :blush:


@Oliverjava Thank you!!


@Restlesssoul that “fort” is such an interesting idea! Like creating you’re own space within another space.


@JohnSee Yes exactly!I needed something colorful and my own little space instead of the everyday things I see where I live.:blush:


Do you sell them? I imagine they’d do well in an Etsy shop.


I do sell them @Elle :blush: I was able to make it my full time "job" this past year, been selling them for 5 years now.


The baby seal is adorable.


Thank you! :blush:


This is the start of a collage for my panda loving baby girl.


I love him! (her?) it came so good - I like how it looks “fuzzy”.