The Art of Sobriety


So cute @VSue!! :blush:


This is the end of the panda collage. My daughter loves pandas, space, her new glasses and all things orange…I think I’ve got it all here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And then I tried something completely different.


I am a soprano and haven’t sang in about 10 years…since I started drinking. I’ve just joined a choir so I’m back to it :grin:


I love that!!

In my city they have a choir for people who can’t sing. I mean they aren’t totally tone deaf people but it is people who normally wouldn’t get into a regular choir. I do believe that groups always sound better than any one individual of the group. Anyways, I have thought about checking them out but I think there is quite a time commitment. Maybe when my kids are grown and I’m retired. LOL


No time like the present :grinning:


made these for my grandchildren at Christmas!


Took a beak from studying for winter finals today to have a relax day. FINALLY finished this painting! My husband told me I should add a rooster wind thingy. Once I was done he very sweetly reminded me that they usually go on the peak center of the front of the barn Hahaha oh well!


I painted this a while ago and didn’t share because I’m not happy with how it turned out… but I’ve grown to appreciate it for the concept I was attempting. My first time trying a human shillouett.


Fibbinocci spiral with a golden triangle… its called the goldeb ratio because it appears everywhere in nature. Just another thing i couldn’t learn about or create when I was drinking😊


Do u sell your dragons


I do sell them @Miki33 :blush: I am lucky enough to do it full time and love it! Not always easy but definitely always worth it. (Felt like I was talking about sobriety! :wink: awww, life.)


The Atlas Of Human Anatomy for the Artist is an awesome resource to have when working on rendering the human form. I’ve used it many times when I didn’t have a live model to reference. :blush:


OH MY I LOVE mushrooms I mean my whole house is covered in 70s mushrooms old salt pepper shakers clocks I made myself a shower curtain that’s a huge mushroom redid my couch after purchasing all this mushroom material and just anything mushroom it’s so amazing your drawings I love love them! Made my day.


Thank you, @MissQuinn! I have been trying to branch from silhouettes to other harder things, I’ll give that a look!


@MissQuinn…I’m going to check out that book too!! Thanks for the suggestion. Just last night my daughter was having issues with doing fashion drawings…getting the body right. She could us it too.


I decided yesterday that it was time to write this novel(la) I’ve had in my brain for a few years. Is anyone here a writer that can give me tips? I was working on character profiles last night and the basic synopsis of the story. I was thinking I would outline it chapter by chapter first before I start writing any story. Is this a good approach? Usually I just start writing and then when it is done I always plan to go back and work on the details but it is such a mess I end up never looking at it again.


Hmmm. Both these books come up when I search. Which do you have? Unfortunately the first one is the only one available at my library and it is an in library use only book.


I've always wanted one of those art dolls they make.......for human anatomy etc


I have one but it is attrocious…but that is what I get for buying one at Walmart. LOL I will get another one some day from a proper art store.


I really love that! Especially because I’m very into science of the natural world.