The Little Thread of Sunshine 🌞 (with a chance of rain)

Hey wonderful people from this ST group. I’ve been coming here since last year November. It’s been great to read all your interesting stories and to see how you all can change your life to be better. I’m trying to do the same for quite a while but seem not to be so successful in it. I just can’t change my life. I’m kinda stuck. I really want to stop drinking but all I can do is stop for some days. Maybe a week and then fall off the Waggon again. I feel sad and lonely in this decision and I feel like a looser because I just can’t manage to keep at it. I’m so aware that at night my alcoholic brain is talking to me. But even if I’m aware of it I surrender and I’m not strong enough to fight against it.
Can you guys give me any advice, hints, ideas, motivation please??? Right now I am standing in front of this big mountain of guilt, shame, sadness, and desperation. I want to to be able to look forward to be finally free of the thought of alcohol. I hope you guys understand what I mean. English is not my mother tongue…
So here is to day 1.


Hay … your not alone… i tried doing it on my own and i struggled so much . Have u tried aa ? It saved my life . The people there understand for the first time in my life i felt understood… i made new soba friends that support eachother and ligfe couldn’t be better. X


Yeah go to an AA meeting. Take up a hobby you can occupy yourself with in the evenings when you usually like to drink. Working out? Knitting? Puzzling? Keep your hands and mind busy. Then buy/rent books about sobriety and the lifestyle you would like to be leading. Read them!


I tried over and over on my own, I was the same lasted a while and then drank again, I managed various amounts of time, up to a year once but it always felt like a struggle and I always caved eventually. This time I asked for help, went to my Gp to get antibuse, to alcohol services for keyworker support and groups and I found a one to one addiction counsellor. I did loads of reading and research about addiction, told my nearest and dearest what I was doing and started to visit here everyday. This time it’s been different, not the struggle it was before but that’s only because I had help and made myself accountable to others. I was terrified to ask for help for all sorts of reasons, mainly because I was scared that someone might question my parenting but nothing bad happened, only good things. Many of us can’t do this alone, ask for help it really does make all the difference


Thank you all for your support. I never wanted to go to a meeting. I’m scared of it and feel very unsure about it. But you all made such good experiences with it. And I always thought this is the last last thing I would do. But I think I’m not going anywhere. I’ve tried so many different things but nothing has worked. So will give it a try and I will go…


That’s great … i was the same as u so frightened and nervous… i cryed through my first few meetings but everyone was so kind and understanding… good luck x your gonna be fine . X


Thats a game changer. Keep an open mind and you’ll get rewarded with change. Action is the key, one Day at a time


Waking up sober. Long run outside. Feeling powerful and ready to start the day. Day 2 of being sober. Feeling determined to make it this time. For me. For my kids. For my family. For my OWN life. Wishing you all a great Saturday. Thank you all for being here. You are helping enormously


Are you going to a meeting today?


I will go. I’ve done some research yesterday and where I live there are not AA groups everyday. The one in the next village is only next week. But I’m very determined to stay sober until then. Coming here now very often helps a lot. And what even helps more is to write here. And to come here and actually being accountable for my actions. That’s how I see it and that helps. That I’m writing to others here… Don’t know if you understand


Yay two days done. 3rd day of being sober. I know this is not much and for the most of you it’s peanuts. But for me it’s great. Especially because it is Sunday today. I used to always drink on the weekends…
Wishing you all a great Sunday


Hey don’t sell yourself short!!! That’s great work. Every day sober is a big win. You deserve to be happy and proud!


Congratulations… i think your doing great the beginning is always hard cos were doing everything for tge first time … like getting through the first weekend clean and soba and you have done it … well done x


Good morning Everybody. I was very very close to giving in yesterday. Had a huge fight with my sister with who I was always very close to… I was so so angry, hurt and sad that I just wanted to have a drink… But then I thought all the way through it. From the first drink to the last. And after a few minutes and especially when after I had dinner with a full stomach this feeling went away. To day 4 and fighting


Well done … u did amazing to remember to look at the bigger picture of how u would of felt and ended up . Im so proud of you x


Well done and sorry to hear its been tough outside of your recovery.

Good point on the craving going after eating, i have to check myself to see if Im just hungry when i get a craving. 25% of the time that has been the case so far.


Hello and good morning. On day 6 today. Feeling so great although my allergy is killing me. Yaaaay to being sober. Wishing you all a great day


Happy Wednesday buddy !!! So glad you ok x

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Yay to feeling great sober! Boo to allergies!

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Thank you all for your great feedback. Today I’m on day 7 and I can’t believe it… Feeling so great. A week literally just flew by. It gives me such great support to be on this app. Wishing you all a great sunny day