The Strava thread


On the bright side your money is going to support an app company that has brought us all joy.
That my friend is priceless


Oh, I will be cancelling it before I pay


Yet another point moot haha


:rofl: I’m so on that boat with you!


Alright you crazy kids. How do we connect


My username is Derek English. Location is Syracuse. What’s your username?


Followed ya :+1:t3:


Welcome to the exercise club. I log everything bc I walk ride or run everywhere I go


Good stuff. Just bought some running sneakers. Lets see how this goes :upside_down_face:


I’m getting new ones next week. Just got $100 gift card to Dick’s


You know whats better than new sneakers right???

FREE new sneakers! Booya! I went to dicks and got some pretty nice Nikes for like 70$


Nikes don’t fit me well cuz I have wide feet. I think I might go aisics this time. I can’t spell


The 70$ ones i got are wides…this one particulat running sneaker only comes in wide. When i get home ill post the name


I shall check it out. Good stuff. I’m also looking at cross trainers just bc I need them for everyday use


Try Altra. It’s a wide toe box design. Really comfortable! A little clownish.


What’s your username?


You can find him on my list


Tomorrow morning 6:20 PST look for me running my brand new segment, climbing the hill of death!


I got out of bed at 5:15. That was my hill of death


The Climb!