The This or That Game


I’m sorry. Wegmans is our local version of Meijer. It’s a bit more upscale than Meijer. More like a less fancy Whole Foods?


Mayo. Or smashed avocado. Or olive oil.


Mayo, adding more,words because I have to add more words


It is beautiful.


Omg. Gorgeous!!!


Miracle whip!


I’d probably eat a pile of mayo.

I’m a monster.


I didnt think people actually used mayo and miracle whip interchangeably. I thought miracle whip was an ingredient…for something equally as gross I wouldnt eat.


Mayo, hands down


When I make macaroni salad I use a mixture of the 2.
Chris is a miracle whip guy I use mayo so I perfected my mac salad recipe using both.


How about haddock or salmon? That was tonight’s debate


Salmon…more words because I need to type more words


Salmon hands down.


Does it make a difference in freshness? I should be clear to be fair. Frozen salmon or fresh from the sea paddock @Jessi.lynn @ScottMichigan


Well I don’t do any frozen fish. Lol
We have a resturant here that every Friday they get a different fresh fish. Its super expensive because its not frozen but so worth it

PS… I definitely miss this about working there. Its tge only thing I miss :joy:


I prefer fresh


Me too, so I went with the fresh haddock lol


Over. Over. Haha


Beach or the montains?


Salmon. Always salmon.