The This or That Game


Depends what I’m looking for. Mountains bring quiet strength and the beach brings tumultuous serenity.


Beach. I’m a beach bum by nature


Salmom and mountains


I’ll second that. Salmon and Mountains all day long.

Mountain Dew or Mellow Yellow?


Man that’s tough. I love both. I drink more Mountain dew, but mellow yellow is more of a treat


Please God neither!


For @Hope0110 and @Modestakieran especially.

Pop or soda?


Soda. All day. Every day. It grates on my nerves that everyone here says pop.


It’s pop, you are not in a soda city, but you are from Philly so I can forgive you.


Awww how big of you. Hmph :triumph:


Yeah I’m a soda person. I drink more Dew, but I like Mellow Yellow better.


What is soda like really?? I mean some parts of the world try and keep things so others can understand :wink: so Soda in here means carbonated water…nothing else…then if you want to add flavours there are other words for that…so what is soda really?


Data or Data ?


Technically, it is a carbonated beverage. But here, we refer to soda as anything from cola to ginger ale to mountain dew. It’s pretty universal for all sugar/flavored/carbonated beverages. If it’s just plane water with carbon dioxide gas and sodium bicarbonate, then we call it soda water. However, that gets complicated as well. Natural springs such as the ones where a lot of my family are from in Saratoga, New York, have a mineral water that sparkles (vichy water). Then there is Seltzer water which is basically soda water but without sodium bicarbonate; therefore sodium free.


Soda. I hate the word pop. I grew up in California and when you said pop (or at least when my step brother did) it meant to have sex with a girl, or just a punch in the face. So yeah, soda.


This is BS…:yum:


Man my gut can’t handle the dew anymore. I drank it all the time as a teen. Don’t know if they changed the ingredients or what but if I had to choose, mella yella


I drink a lot of mountain dew. I have no shame in that. I’m in early recovery and it makes me happy. I don’t care about the sugar or the caffeine, at least I’m not putting $200 in my arm every day


I hardly ever have soda/pop. I handle it well though. I run enough and my metabolism is fast enough that I burn excess calories away.


I feel that way about my biking, even though running would be better. But regardless you can have my pop when you put it from my cold dead hands