The This or That Game


I feel that way about my biking, even though running would be better. But regardless you can have my pop when you put it from my cold dead hands


Damn straight guuuurl


Ever try pao darcko tea?


Caffeine puts me to sleep. I consume it sparingly. Here’s some sad facts about artificial stimulants like caffeine. They act as norepinephrine in producing spikes of energy release in your body, however constant, regular consumption of it will eventually cause your Adrenal Glands to stop producing their own stimulants. This is why many people say they’re addicted to coffee, because their body literally cannot function without it.

It’s a bad chemical. Maybe not as bad a coke, but still…


It can be good for pain and detoxing. Can’t use long term but it may help, it helps me


I went a year without coffee not that long ago…not because I wanted to get rid of caffeine but cause I wanted to get rid of the added sugar I was putting in each cup…not I started using milk in my coffee instead of sugar…seems to work just fine…Can’t imagine a meeting without coffee.


I switched to sugar free energy drinks. I really don’t care if it’s not healthy lol. I exercise a lot so I kindly just eat and drink what makes me happy. It wasn’t long ago I was eating in a I will never take food for granted


Kinda the same with me…Though at the moment I am in a happy position to afford my food…a while back it was eat what I get sort of situation…but now I do try and keep it healthy and exersice…I’m not super nazi about that…if I feel like something sweet or potato chips etc…I WILL have some…but then again I very seldomly do…


Yeah I don’t eat much in the way of chips or candy these days. The most I splurge is cookies. I usually just eat at meal time and drink a lot of Gatorade for snacks.


I give it up all the time, I always come back to it when I’m back on sugar. I get the shakes with it if I don’t eat or drink water right before and after, caffeine doesn’t love me. I really don’t know why I go back besides the fact I love it lol.


One could argue that caffein is alcohols Evil twin who doesn’t love anyone…but lately i’ve really enjoyed coffee and sunshine. I’ll allow this love/hate thing I have with coffee :yum:


Rain or snow?


That is not even a contest…Snow every time…it doesn’t get you wet


Whhhaaaatttt??? Rain. Hands down! I love snow the next day, after it’s cleaned up and pretty. I would like it more if I didn’t have to do the cleaning up of it lol


Now when you’ve grown in a country that laughs at game of thrones cause the icewall is just your everyday hurdle to get to your groceries…snow becomes this lovely little thing that is pure and white and lovely and there are people to deal with it…move to the city :wink:


That’s why I still clean it up, I would rather do that than live in the city haha. I haven’t seen game of thrones but I can imagine you see much more than we do and we get a good amount in the winters. It’s gorgeous the next day. Rain is also my favorite so I don’t have to water my garden!


And. Dude. Your name has rain in it…I was surprised by that answer lol


:wink: …yeah, I don’t mind rain either. Sunny is my favourite, then the autumn warm evenings. Actually everything is good as long as I have an open mind for the truth.


Rain. I spent almost a decade in the Seattle/Portland area. I’m used to rain. Snow sucks. It’s all great when its snowing, but the aftermath of snow accumulation blows.

I guess it’s not that bad if people get in a lot of wrecks… I work at an auto injury clinic.


Tru dat man