The This or That Game


Snow and lots of it, then I can get my skis out.

Mountains over beach, I find mountains spiritual, but I love the beach too.


Downhill skiing? That’s one thing I am truly good at lol


Yes, love it. I skied Courmayer this year in Italy. Went down Yaoula and the world’s longest/highest drop downhill course in one go. It was one of the best experiences of my life but my knees were wrecked after. Worth checking out on YouTube.


I will definitely do that


I’ll have to say rain. cause i never had the opportunity to see snow… so


Bonsai trees or cactus? Just cause there is one of each by my TV.

Cactus :cactus:


You should put that on your bucket list.


Bonsai tree. I’ll definitely hurt myself with a cactus.


Easy choice…


Lol, same here…Get ya one of those little fuzzy ones from Walmart or home depot, I have a couple of em and they’re pretty much idiotproof…cant stab myself and I cant kill it lol


Just cuz dudes name is isis that made me wonder… :thinking: ya think suicide bombers make bucket lists? I mean I guess they could but itd hafta be some pretty simple mundane shit…no long term goals on that list, and i doubt skydiving or racing a 67 shelby would be very exciting lol


So. I am brasilian. Isis is actually a pretty common name around here. I am a woman by the way. Sorry about my english. I am terrible in “learning languages”.


Sure! I am going to ny on december 21. I am so looking for this…


Google isis valverde! She is a amazing actress :wink:


yeah I kinda figured so, I just always revert to saying guy or dude all the time lol, sorry … and it was just the mental association of seein it (it’s an American thing lol) followed by stevie talking about bucket lists lol
We were just talking about anthony bourdain dyin the other day and it reminded about this one episode of his show, had me wanting to move to Sao Paulo or Rio and hang out on the streets drinking caipirinhas the rest of my life (pre sobriety of course). That place is absolutely beautiful and u guys seem so friendly and care free most of the time.


I assume when you say that you’re coming to NY you mean NYC? I’m a female who lives on the other side of NY state.


I understand. “Dude” is something like “cara” in Brazil. You can say it for man and woman. And no problem, I just wanted to explain my name. Haha When i get to nyc, i’ll try to say just my last name hahah. And thanks for the friendly and care free!! I love Brazil. But I am just graduating now in chemical engineering and it is just my dream to live in US. But i have to work very hard on my “english skills” haha Rio is really amazing but kinda of dangeours. You should travel to Fernando de Noronha. Its just beautiful there.


Yeah! New york city. Sorry. Thats because when brazilians are talking about “ny” , usually the are refering to the city. I’ll just stay 1 week so infortunately i have no time to travel around the state


No one ever does lol. I too am from the rest of NY outside of the city.


That’s true of most people here in the U.S. too. I certainly did until the army moved us to Buffalo NY. I hope you have a sober blast there!