The three G's

What your good for, what your grateful for, goal for today. Every morning before you start your day


This is a good idea! There’s a space I go to here for gratitude lists - there’s lots of people sharing goals, gratitude, and what they’re good for:

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That you I feel like it’s good to do the 3 g first this thing in the morning

I’m grateful for my higher power and good about me is I’m am humble and goal today is make it threw today without being negative

Good for: Keeping a clean house
Grateful for: My two boys (10 & 12 years old)
Goal: Making it through Day 1 of no alcohol


Good for being a supportive friend. Grateful for my recovery. Goal is to go on a walk (which I did :white_check_mark:)

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I’m grateful for being a father something I’m good is I’m a team player and goal is to learn some good coping skills for the day