Todays the first day of a new beginning

I am new to the forum and today is my first day to hopefully new beginnings. I am quitting drinking for many reasons. The biggest one is so I don’t continue to hurt the people I love.
Any new beginner advice would be much appreciated :heart:


Welcome Veronica,
I’m happy you found us. Brave move putting yourself out here. I know it was for me. There’s lots of great people on here for support. You are definitely not alone.

Being very active on here keeps me sober.
Have a good read around. Join in when you’re comfortable.
Here are two good threads to start:


My advice,is get new friends and find something you love to do,go to the gym,hike,bike…the more you do the less you think about it and the faster time addiction was not alcohol but heroin for ten years ran my life,if you saw me now you would never guess.
Good luck friend


Welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face:
This is my second home :house_with_garden: with the lovely supportive people here I have managed to stay sober.
It’s nice to meet you :raising_hand_woman:


Welcome to the Community also, and congrats on your 6 months :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks bud

Welcome and congrats :clap: :sparkling_heart: on new way of life, new beginnings . For me when i was early its was good for me to stay busy and go to as many meetings i could and just soak up all i was hearing. More days i got under my belt the more i started doing things including things i use to do before and new things i would never imaging doing. Putting my sobriety 1st and everything else. Hapoy for you and continue 1day at a time.

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No looking back this time,I can’t even do the meetings anymore just cuz I’m so over it.i don’t need to talk about all the wasted years anymore.there something that will work for everyone you just have to find yours.
God bless everyone on this forum!