Truth and tough love


Yup. Copper state bandit over here.

It’s still gonna be lovely! Don’t let the 60s fool you, when you’re in the direct sunlight it’ll feel warmer.


Can you warm up the Grand Canyon for me??? But at least we’re only going to be up that way (and Antelope Canyon)for 2 days.

Still 5 days in Phoenix area will be great. Actually 1 day near Huachuca. Maybe warmer down there???


Grand Canyon and the valley are totally different worlds. Gets bone cold up there. We used the heat last week, was cold and moist enough to snow down here, albeit it only on the foothills to the north and the mountains encompassing Phoenix. Hell the Estrellas had snow on them.

That’s south Phoenixish


Whippet! I’m just here for the skinny dogs. (I have two…). :heart::heart:


All you Americans complaining about the rain, jeez! Its always raining here! God, I was 9 before I knew you could take a coat off!


I am West, I’m right in the coast… maybe it will come your way soon?


Its snowing today… :pensive:


Triggers, urges and temptations. The meaning of these have been and probably will be debated until the end of time.

Certain stimulus can provoke, or “trigger”, an urge to drink. For me, the effects of drinking caffeine can trigger the urge to drink alcohol. Or if I am really hungry, that triggers an urge for me to drink. When that happens, I don’t know that I would say I was “triggered”, tho.

Then there is temptation, which could be internal or external forces, i.e. a friend tempting you to drink.

At the end of the day, an urge to drink whether triggered by some stimuli, an internal or external temptation, the choice to drink is yours and yours alone.


Yes, at the end of the line, there’s you making a choice. To be triggered consciously or unconsciously, doesn’t really matter when you have self-control. And if your self control is shit, then you can choose to work on that, by going to meetings, therapy, learning, etc. Triggers shouldn’t be an excuse, but they are real and effective (that could resume and close my position on the subject). I’m really influenced by the existential philosophy so… at the end of the day, we’re always free to choose…


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I love this thread.
Love it.
I have just over 7 months. Only through the loving patience of my sponsor, my higher power, and the fellowship of AA.
I agree with what others have said… You hear what you are meant to hear when you are meant to hear it.
Sometimes during my talks with my sponsor I say “I can see your lips are moving but it is not sinking in”
She laughs and says not to worry… The seed is planted.


Oh my god! Yes! Thank you. I hate when people say “trigger” about an external event for an internal condition.
Craving, if you have a drink you start the craving process. If you don’t drink you don’t get cravings.

Step one.


Well… having craving is one of the most important symptoms of the alcoholic disease when it comes to diagnosis… it is actually the only symptom that can be still there while in « recovering from alcoholic disease » condition. You can be diagnosed with an alcoholic disease in remission (recovery) and keep having craving. But again this is from a psychological and DSM point of view…


I’m an alcoholic. I don’t need a reason to drink. Drinking is just what I do. If I start blaming external forces “oh I saw a beer commercial and couldn’t stop myself” or “my work is stressful” or “insert ‘triggering’ event here” then I’m already trying to ditch responsibility. If I drink it’s because I wasn’t doing something right in my program. It will always be 100% my fault if I drink. And if I start blaming “triggers” I would hope someone on this thread calls my bullshit. And calls it hard.


Voilà we’re just not talking about the same use of the term « trigger ». Cravings are a trigger to drinking, and are real. You’re talking about the bullshit we say over it to justify drinking. I guess I’m just being too obsessive about the use of a scientific term.


What would be a trigger for drinking?


In a reply I made up there today I referenced some explanation on this. Generally, cravings itself and cues of alcool or substances of drug are a trigger (in the brain) to relapse. That’s the main line, but you can check the post I’ve made up there about different kind of addictive behaviours… Looking at people drinking can, in an addict brain, active specific zone in the brain that can alter reasoning and control compared to non-addicts. I’m not trying to give excuses or justify people who are making excuses, I’m just saying that triggering is real an have a real effect on the brain considering what researches are saying. We do have a control; but not on this. Our control comes on our response to the trigger. I was just trying to clarify that point…


So I see lol. Discussions seem to be going around in circles and it’s doing my head in. May have something to do with quitting the cigs and being on a super short fuse but I’m going to take a couple days break from this thread haha