Truth and tough love


Sorry for your loss. I saw your post yesterday and didn’t say anything. But somehow I dreamt about it. So I figured I should say something. Death shouldn’t go silent.


Fastest way to detox is to do it cold turkey but can be dangerous in some situations. We dont know if they are bi polar or have other depression issues. Opiate n benzo withdrawls last a while and depression is REAL in the process while we are down can be crippling and to relapse at that point is inevitable on just will power but some people have more will power then others. This is why home detox only works for very few. If you look around the forum at the outcomes of rehabs, out and in patient and those who detoxed at home. . Even we have something called addiction coaches that are helpping and recovering addicts. You cant run to someone that isnt an addict and is going to understand what ur going through. Thats what makes this a space great to vent and exchange experiences.


The good news is my mobile is rarely on my body. I wear hearing aids that stream audio into my ears, and have a lapel mike to speak into.

Less chance of getting “Wi-Fried”.


Lol, i just ran across this…

Also, i hope one of those other ones u hafta use isnt Sales Force, god i hate that damn app


Yes, I have to use salesforce, and yes, the app sucks.


Fancy you are Yoda!


Eh…I tend to ignore the alarmists. Not saying they aren’t correct. It’s just we are exposed to all sorts of radiation, mostly from that big bright blob in the sky. All out lives, solar, cosmic, radio, TV, electronic emissions, radon, microwaves, xrays, etc.


Yeah, i get people in my clinic all the time who want to opt out of getting X-rays taken because they do t want radiation exposure, yet they have no problem with a ton of other stuff in their lives. You get like 4x the radiation exposure on a 1 hour flight, compared to an X-ray. Then there’s the anti-microwave people, but they have a refrigerator, that emits way more radiation than a microwave. A prime reason why architects tend to not butt fridges against walls next to bedrooms.


Id say that those mobile phones we (who are old enough) used 20 years back were not harmless. I had to use them at work and was in long distance relationship. So i developped a tumor in my phone ear nerve. And im not the only one. Its fixed now but i lost half of my hearing.


Eh…I spent 14 years exposed to high powered radios, breathing cordite, burning oil wells and experiencing concussive overpressure, not to mention all kinds of vaccines for exotic diseases

Lucky that the only noted health issue is hearing loss.


Yeah, besides the fact that ive spent the last 20 years smoking, drinking, and doing drugs ive been in a ton of xray, CT, and MRI machines the last 10 or so anyways. I threw my bluetooth headphones in this morning like always and i just ordered a set of those completely wireless ear buds samsung just released to compete with apple’s airpods. I think id just as soon get cancer as have to go through my day without a constant stream of music, podcasts, and audiobooks lol


Everyone will get cancer. It just depends on how long they live.


Blaming others for everything going on in your life is the easiest way to not work on yourself. Maybe, and that’s a big maybe, the situation isn’t your fault, but how you react to the situation is 100% on you. Also, your actions and behaviors put you in that spot whether you want to admit it or not. Time to be a grown-up and admit your fault in things.


To your point.


“Your heart, your life, your happiness, is your responsibility and your responsibility alone”

“The road to power is in taking responsibility”

I couldn’t agree with this more, thank you for sharing.


Word brother!


Google is not a doctor. WedMD is not a doctor. Youtube is a collection of idiots making funny videos, but definitely not a doctor. A doctor is a doctor. I agree that doing research on medications and symptoms is a good thing so you can make informed decisions. But nothing replaces the advice of a doctor. A doctor who has trained for 10 years in a specific field so they can help us. I remember when I was a lawyer my client’s liked to go all John Grisham on me and do their own research before consulting me. 9 times out of 10 they made the situation 100 times worse, and I had to do all sorts of extra work because of it.

Research good. Self diagnosis and treatment bad.


But you are the Dr…can u self diagnose and treat urself?:thinking: Lol


“I have the most solid step 1 ever, but all I can think about is drinking and my old drinking life, what I’m missing out on and was it really that bad?”

Total bullshit mate. Your step 1 is about as solid as baby shit in a blender


Agreed, i read a book recently about the opiod crisis and the rise of pharmaceutical companies like Endo and Purdue and there was a pretty interesting chapter interviewing doctors who witnessed it all. They all pretty much said the modern view on healthcare has shifted from being a service industry with its services rendered by trained professionals to a consumer business where patients show up as a “customer” demanding you sell them what they want. They attributed it to the ease of access to information via the internet leading said “customer” to think they actually know wtf theyre talking about as well as the acceptance of “pain as a vital sign” and physician rating systems by the medical community. A lot of doctors adopted the popular business philosophy that “the customer is always right.” because if you didnt give them what they wanted youd find yourself in front of a medical review board on trial for malpractice. Those hospital admins and government agencies reinforced that bullshit logic to the point that its engrained in society now. “The internet says i have this problem and the TV said this pill will cure it, i want it now! …WHAT? Exercise??? I cant exercise, that would require me to put in work on my recovery, i just need the quick cure.”
How presumptuous and stupid of us to assume a google search is the equivalent to spending years in medical school earning a degree. Its pretty rare that a quick fix works for anything in life and if it seems to u better be leary of it…drinking and getting high was my quick fix to all the problems in life and it didnt fix a damn thing, only made things worse and left me too foggy to realize it was happening