Truth and tough love


I went somewhere in the early days where everyone was drinking and they made me!


I can’t deal with my stress of anxiety without a drink.


And I choose not to drink. Even if…
A, my alcoholic brain is trying to manipulate me
B, everyone is drinking around me
C, I’ve had a bad day
D, I’ve had a good day
E, the sun is shining
F, the day has a y in it


But I’ve been fighting with normies about this “choice”. Sure I (and others) choose to drink (or use) but others seem to say that this makes it our fault we’re alcoholics. We’re just selfish loser winos? No. I chose the drink but I did not choose how it affects me. I did not choose addiction.


But not that I’m a victim either. I’m not saying that.


That’s a great point. Nobody chose how it affects them.

My sister told her kids when they were younger that nobody grows up wanting to be an alcoholic.


Those that don’t understand it. Or are in denial themselves.
My definition of an alcoholic for years was the down and out, with his bottle of cheap cider.
Its why it took me so long to admit that I am an alcoholic.


Everyone else was drinking.


Here’s one! I just drank to prove I don’t like drinking… 🤦


“See! I told you, I hate it. Now pass me another”


To get back at an ex :woman_shrugging: Makes total sense, right?


Grr. That’s one of the reasons why I hate This Naked Mind. I’m not sure if she covered that in her book but she did talk about it in the podcast. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::exploding_head:


The one’s I used all the time to justify my drinking: I did so well not drinking for those 2 days I deserve a drink (I used to do this a lot with working out and rewarding myself with alcohol as well); life is SO hard for me and I feel SO sorry for myself for my situation (that I kept myself in with my own free will and wasn’t even bad) I deserve to drink; I had kids so young and never had the chances to really be without responsibility (I had my first when I was 25… Not exactly “young”) I deserve a drink.


The one that irks my nerves the most by far is “I drink because [insert social activist stance or political rant here]” lol, if i had a dollar for every time ive heard someone say they got drunk because Trump is president ruining the country or because congress wont cooperate so he can make america great again we’d all be rich. One side is just as bad as the other and if you drink over politics youre gonna die drunk lol. My question is how the fuck is you getting drunk gonna help clubbed baby seals or mistreated refugees anyway? Maybe if you’d quit being selfish and stay sober u could volunteer to help or even donate the money u just spent on that fifth to the cause of your choice? :thinking:


I drink because people eat sentient beings. (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)


I’m a grown-assed man who served his country in combat. I EARNED my right to drink.


But you’ve earned the freedom of not drinking as well.


The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.



If you find yourself being uncomfortable around alcohol or struggling around alcohol then you ain’t ready to be around alcohol.

I’m not saying you have to dodge every social situation that has booze for the rest of your life. But if you are scared you are going to drink, or literally sweating bullets then you are not ready to be in that situation.