Truth and tough love


I am willing to bet that it won’t be good.



It is very frustrating to read that “just one” is a victory. I hope it doesn’t get worse for them but the odds are stacked against us.


Not going to lie, just one is a very foreign concept to me because I can’t do just one. Never could, and never will. But that first one is the most dangerous, especially with narcotics. I know some EMT’s in my area and a lot of overdoses are coming from cocaine that is laced with fentanyl. I know when I was doing coke I would swing for the fences. If that shit was laced I would have been dead before the straw hit the mirror.




Sry Derek lol


I seen they sell 100% legal LEAN at the gas station too lol… If horny goat weed n stacker 2’s wasnt enough …lol


I used to get really frustrated with people who relapse because I used to think, if they can do it, I can. This was in my early days, when I was fighting a craving, come on here and see someone relapsed. I was damn sure I wasn’t going to, because I had read this forum back to bloody front and took notice of what people were saying! But it still put that idea in my head!
Then 2 things struck me
1, I had done all my relapsing over the last 2 years, I was ready to accept help and
2, some people were coming to the app earlier in the process.
Ok, so I relaxed my feelings about it.
But what I find hard to understand is the people who have a bit of time under their belts who suddenly decide to drink. Why FFS! You got this far, why!
Obviously you haven’t been working whatever program you have properly!
You haven’t paid attention to all the experience that is available either on here or AA etc.
Even newbies should have the idea, if they read all they can about it!
From day 1 the mindset should be “I am not going to drink / use today!”
Not I hope I can do this.
Find things to take your mind off it, all the information you need is on here, if you aren’t prepared to open your mind to anything else.
Sorry rant over😀


Agreed. I do try to remember that the relapser isn’t “bad”…they just weren’t ready yet. I wasn’t ready for a very long time myself. But I DO get upset at the “relapse is a part of the process” comments. I know that they are meant to comfort the relapser but what they actually do is tell the newcomers that they have permission to relapse. Grr.

But aside from that there was a recent post that seemed to imply that the one who relapsed thought it was okay because they were able to stop. The problem is that just because you can stop this one time that you’ll always be able too. The reality is it is a very slippery slope.


By no means am I saying I understand anybody’s reasoning but being the age I am makes it easier to find sober people. Some folks have ran their course and the luster of getting high has worn off. Many older partiers are told its your choice but it comes down to get sober or die. At younger ages, many people may not have developed a serious problem or they’re not mature enough to realize/accept it. Their social lives may be in full swing, single or married without children. Children and age and health, I personally believe are the game changers. Oh yeah and of course there’s the legal aspect if it too. But all if this concludes with by the time you realize you do indeed have a problem its too late, its a part of you. We have to really want to live a sober life to succeed.


Totally agree.
Ok so this time you’ve managed to stop at the one, or you decide to “test” you sobriety, like somebody did.
But as you say, it kinda justifies the alcoholic brain saying " hey go on you done it before, just the one won’t hurt"
The mindset should be no!


And be prepared to go to any length to achieve it.
Even if it means stepping right outside your comfort zone!
That was one of the first things I read on here, it was being comfortable that got us here!


People are going to relapse. I understand that. But when people act like it’s normal or “ok bc it was just one” they are missing the point. I would hate for a newcomer to come in and see someone talking about how they stopped at just one and go out and do the same thing and die. Just one is not ok. Not now, not ever.


Foreign to me because I never could see the point in just one. One drink just makes me sleepy. I don’t know how or why people just have 1 or 2. Wait, yes i do – because I have a problem!

Shit, I hadn’t heard that. I always thought it was mixed in w/ heroin. Never got into that stuff, couldn’t anyways – severely allergic to morphine. I did love coke, though. Didn’t do it often, but when I did – yep, swinging for the fences. Glad I got out of the game, especially now with all the nasty shit out there getting mixed in.


Yeah and sadly despite education efforts, all sorts of people are finding out the hard way still. And not just fentanyl. There’s been a recent surge of carfentanil deaths in my neck of the woods, and they haven’t even determined which drugs are being laced with it. Even those who are testing their stuff for fentanyl aren’t safe, because carfentanil isn’t detected by regular fentanyl strips, not to mention a lot stronger. No safe way of doing it, not even a little bit just once.


Its in the coke, molly and meth, its even pressed into fake oxycontin pills. I got a hold of some of those pills right before i quit last year. Had i been planning to take the whole thing id probably be a goner right now but money was tight that week and i decided to cut it in half and stretch what i had to keep from being dopesick at the end of the week. I went to cut it with a knife and it crumbled like a regular pill instead of cutting into two solid pieces. Had i not known they’d quit making oxys like that 10 years ago to prevent people from crushing them so they could fix/inject them id have taken it without a second thought. According to the news there were 52 overdoses in Annapolis that week and the next because of them. Its so strong and so cheap theyre cutting everything with it now…i keep waiting to hear that some idiot has started dusting their weed with it to make it stronger smh if anyone has ever needed proof that their dealers dont give a shit about them they should have it by now


I bet if you look you can find weed that’s been laced. But hey, pot’s safe from the street, toke away.


This was talked about in my area a year or two ago. I’ve sat my girls down and explained that there is no safe drug, no safe friend to get drugs from, nothing…because anything can be laced with fentanyl.

Fortunately (and more importantly, TRAGICALLY) a girl at their school died 2 years ago on Valentines Day because of some pills she got from someone. She was 14, I think. They got scared…big time. I think they’ll stay away. For now.


Yeah, there were dumbasses dipping it in formaldehyde (aka embalming fluid) when i was a teenager. Cant remember what the name they gave it was, it was b4 all the loud stuff was so easy to get, theyd take cheap mid grade brick pot, roll up a blunt, dip the blunt in that stuff the same way PCP dealers do with cigarettes and weed, then sell the $2 woth of grass and 69 cent cigar for $10-15


But it is a choice . . To Relapse or Not to Relapse is thy question of the moment…