Truth and tough love


I didn’t like the taste of beer when I first drank, it was not appealing. I didn’t like it for a long time, until I drank while on some other stuff, then I got a liking for the taste.

80% of my drinking career was whiskey and vodka based though, got me far drunker, far faster for less.

I don’t see the point of mocktails or NA beer, I can only see that they would make cravings reappear, and give me more thirst for a drunk and a drunken lifestyle.

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We drink for the affect not the taste :crazy_face:


I am the exception I guess. I LOVE the taste of beer!!! That is why I cannot contemplate NA beer. Just the taste would send me over the edge.


I’m sitting here drinking a glass on NA wine. It’s getting me through my weekend without pouring a real one. Is it the best choice?? I don’t know. But tea or lemon water was just not cutting it.

I’ll feel a million times better when I’m back in my own environment/home. I’ll feel more secure.


I came to enjoyed the taste certain beers, not at first, but over time. It was an acquired taste. Much like I didn’t really like coffee when I first tried it and now I love it, hell, I even drink decaf. :grin:


You do what suits you best. Everyone is different. I had an NA beer at a bar once and it was fine. Actually liked the taste better without the alcohol. Are you on a trip?


Visiting in laws

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I buy sparkling white grape juice in a glass bottle with a cork and drink it from a wine glass on special occasions, it helps me not focus on other peoples wine glasses and feel more comfortable. I’d drink na wine (as long as it was 0.0% and not the alcohol removed ones) If it was offered although I wouldn’t buy it for myself but I couldn’t drink na beer that would make me crave the real thing even though it wasn’t my choice of drink. We are all different if it’s helping you then good on you.
I hope the rest of your day isn’t too tough and you can enjoy it, you’ll be home soon, you’re right that home feels so much safer


Sounds like playing with gasoline and matches to me, guess it’s a your mileage may vary thing.

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I’ve had Grolsch Raddlers…they taste more like lemonade than anything else. For that I’ll stick with lemonade. No point in spending the money.

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I have to admit that i do drink NA beer. It does not create any cravings. I just like the taste - but only of very few ones. Most NA beers do not taste good and i would prefer sparkling water, but a few are good.
I guess everybody is different…


I obviously dont drink alcohol or non-alcoholic versions of the same, but am i the only one who hates Sparking Water here?


Can’t stand it! Idk why either bc I like carbonated drinks lol


I don’t like sparkling water. Don’t know why. Never liked it.


It just tastes bitter and flat out nast!


I don’t like plain sparkling water, never have but I live on flavoured sparkling water now, tastes totally different to me and doesn’t have that bitter taste the plain stuff does. I don’t like flavoured normal water though


Yes Rob, yes you are :yum:

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I always drank yuengling and liked it… Always Reminded me of the crayons i chewed on as a kid…:smile:


Nope, I too dislike sparkling water.


I love sparkling water. Based on conversations with friends I find this topic to be very polarizing. You either love the stuff or hate it.

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