Truth and tough love



I didn’t bother with near-beer after getting sober cuz I realized I actually thought regular beer was an “acquired taste” (read: gross) too. But it got me drunk, so it also tasted like escape.

It’s funny to me now. If I’d been honest in beer tasting the critique would’ve been, “A bouquet of jock’s foot with just a subtle hint of regret.”


Agreed…in the beginning there was nothing like the taste of a cold beer on a hot day after id been working. By the end there was nothing like it all day period lol
@rmgrimmer nope, i hate that shit too, just hand me a bottle of water lol


Lol This seems like it belongs here…


So I know there’s plenty of AA threads going on and I try not to bring it up here all that often (even though y’all need Jesus and a meeting) but lately I’ve been seeing a lot people talking about how they will never do AA and how it’s not for them… Then the next day I see their relapse post. Maybe AA isn’t for you, maybe some other way is. But I damn sure know your way ain’t cutting it.


I was one of those people for a very long time. I thought I was smarter than everyone else. That 12 step meetings were for misguided beings who had no internal fortitude.

Believe it or not, I was the misguided being with no fortitude !

I got into AA and NA when I was in treatment. I moved to a city with over 144 meetings a week just in AA! Needless to say, I attend meetings regularly and am involved in the leadership of a recovery house.

How stupid was I to think I could ever do this alone?

If there’s ANY thought in your head that tells you you GOT THIS…all on your own…THATS YOUR DISEASE TALKING. AND IT ONLY WANTS YOU TO DIE, AND TO DIE ALONE.


I’m never going to ride in the Tour de France, so does that mean I should just never ride my bike. Hell no. In my first couple months I wasn’t good at pretty much anything, but that didn’t stop me from practicing. I had no idea how to stay sober, but that didn’t mean I should just stop trying.

No starts on expert level at anything. So what if you aren’t comfortable around people? Doesn’t mean you should avoid them altogether. That’s the easiest way to not get better. Can’t pray or meditate? Well you will never learn if you don’t try. Oh you don’t like group? Better give up then…

Or you can work at all these things until they come naturally to you. I’m pretty sure LeBron James didn’t start his career in the NBA. But he’s doing ok these days.


Squeeze a fresh lime and/or lemon into sparkling water and put it in the fridge so it gets really cold. So damn refreshing!


Love soda water with lime! Am thinking of getting a soda stream so I can do that instead of diet squirt which is my favorite beverage since giving up the booze.


I admit that I have grown to love seltzer water somehow, but it ain’t gonna keep me sober. I drink it because it’s tasty and healthy, not as a replacement for booze. My replacement for booze is the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.


I just got one…they’re the best and there’s sooo many different flavors you can add to it. The bottles they give you too are to grab and go so it’s wicked handy :grin:

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Oooo. Squirt. I haven’t had that in forever!!

I do have a soda stream but all I add is lemon juice. I had bought some flavours to add but I didn’t like it. I’ll stick with lemon juice.

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Love that stuff! My husband always asks me if I want a squirt with a gleam in hi eye, lol.


Some things don’t even need mentioned because they sound so stupid. But if you are reading this and feel as if I’m targeting you that’s a good thing. It means you realize that something you’ve done sounds really stupid and now you recognize that. Congratulations! You are growing and learning as we speak! That’s what sobriety is all about. We are all going to do/say something incredibly stupid. But if we realize that whatever we did was stupid then we have grown. Now if we don’t see that what we’ve done is stupid we will probably continue to make the same mistake until it really bites us in the ass.


Dear terminal uniqueness,

You are going to die with that attitude. You are not special. You are not different. You are an addict and alcoholic. Just like the rest of us. I don’t care how many identifiers you can come up with to prove how “different” you are. The only thing that matters is that you have the disease of addiction. If you keep looking for reasons why not that’s exactly what you will find. Keep isolating and looking for that “perfect” sober friend and you will die. I’ll never understand why you think people have to share the same background with you to actually understand you. That makes you closed minded. Not the other person.



Cuz life is too short to have sorrow
You might be here today and gone tomorrow!


Edit: @Englishd i just saw u posted this one in meme wars along with a couple others i picked up earlier too, i see i wasnt the only one killing time at Dank Recovery memes today lol



If you are in recovery, get over yourself and pick up the *$&^£! phone and call every person in it and talk it out before picking up your DOC.


This is a damn complete sentence!