Truth and tough love


Maybe she wasn’t swearing. Maybe she LITERALLY shit in the other hand.


Ummmm, no. The rest of the saying was the same as what Captaz said.


Ha ha ha…I was supposed to type “maybe she literally MEANT shit in the other hand.” Not that SHE had shit in the other hand. Oh…totally different meaning. Poor grandma!!

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Ooooohhhh. I was like, what the hell was that supposed to mean…


I’m so sorry!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I just got out of the bathroom and I can confirm that if you shit in your hand it will fill up quicker than the hand you wish in. Also, we are now out of soap in the bathroom.




I have to drive or run to get a bar on my phone. Satellite is available, but it’s around $168/month. Population density is too low to make telecoms profitable. It’s great to live out, until it isn’t.




I don’t usually comment on addictions outside of my own realm, but I’ve noticed a growing trend on TS that self-harm addicts can’t benefit from recovery programs that are specifically geared towards self harm. I call bullshit. Self harm is a fickle bitch, but it’s also one of the most common traits of all addicts and alcoholics. Some people’s disease manifests in cutting or suicide attempts. My self harm was jabbing a dull ass needle in my arm 10x a day. I still got the scars. I also took shit care of my body. I didn’t eat, I didn’t sleep and suicide wasn’t far behind. Every addict and alcoholic self harms. We put poison into our body daily. So what that we don’t cut? It’s not about the actions that make the disease. It’s the feelings that get us to take those actions. The drugs, alcohol, and cutting are but a symptom of the disease of addiction. Though gambling is not my addiction I could still walk into a Gambler’s Anonymous meeting and find the help I need. If you want the help, it’s there. Making excuses as to why it won’t work will keep you sick.


All of my addictions are the same. It started as a kid with obsessive dieting, then obsessive exercising, and then laxatives…and finally alcohol. ALL OF IT what about trying to be what I thought others wanted me to be. It was only in my final stage of alcoholism where it was about “I’ll never be good enough” but it all came from the same beginning. Recovery isn’t about the substance or activity…it’s about the root cause.

I will add that I just don’t get the idea that a person can be addicted to one addictive substance but not another. I’m willing to admit that I don’t know, I’m new to all this and I don’t have the education background, but it just doesn’t seem logical to me. Again, we are not addicted ONLY because of the substance, we are addicted because we are escaping something painful in our lives. Using a different substance for that same purpose is still addictive behaviour, even if we don’t have physical addiction.


This is why I’ve not gone to recreational drugs. I did have the thought that maybe I could smoke a bit if weed again to help get off booze. I gave it up a few years ago after years of smoking. It just seemed the right time. But I’ve a feeling if I did start it might be different this time!

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I’ve always wondered where the term recreational became associated with drug use. My drug use was never recreational. That shit was a full time job.


I know what you mean. Probably the media, they like to make up cool sound bites. But coke and E where just that for me. Weed was a bit different and I suppose, thinking about it now it was about the time I stopped smoking it that I started to hide my drinking, drink more.

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Agree 100 %


I do realise that people have had a far worse time than me with drugs. I realise that it could so easily have been me, but for the grace of the gods.


I liked to get drunk and high in the woods, does that count as recreational?

Also liked to do it at home, the store, before during and after family get togethers, as soon as I woke up in bed etc etc


I think so.

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Ive also noticed a lot of people lately that have been casting blame on everyone else but themselves. Something addicts are pros at, im sure. But, sitting there saying that you cannot rely on other people and that other people dont care, or that people are bad to you, whatever. None of that will help you get sober anyway. You have only you and your HP. Maybe there will be some other who will help a bit along the way. But, only YOU can get YOU sober!