Truth and tough love


Two words:

Marriage counseling.

If you are getting relationship advice from strangers, especially many in very early recovery, on the internet, well… You get what you pay for.


I have been enjoying concerts so much more sober. 1. No worries about a DUI on the way home. 2. I can always afford the concert T, because $40 is a no brainer when I didn’t spend it on stadium beer. 3. I actually enjoy the music that I paid good money to listen to.


aka…terminal uniqueness.


Focusing on all the negative aspects of addiction will only keep you sober for so long. Instead of looking at all the bad things you are avoiding from staying sober, think about the good things you are receiving in recovery.


This a repeat from probably like half the posts on this thread, but it bears (bares?) repeating:

Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

If you have relapsed, and then literally change nothing about your recovery plan, then you are going to get the same exact results. For me, it was actually working the 12 steps that made the difference. For some it’s going to their first rehab. For others it’s attending meetings finally. If you don’t try something new you are going to get old results.

If I turn my steering wheel to the left, my car is going to turn to the left. I can wish and hope all I want that it’s going to go to the right, but if I keep turning it to the left, the car will keep going left.


Maybe for your skinny lil legs :joy::rofl:

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I prefer toned and athletic

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Dude, I have had the wrong therapists for a loooong time if people are getting hugs from them! I think I’ve had the right ones.

Me: “It’s been really hard lately. My brain is all scattered, memory is shit, I’m worrying about what I’m going to be like when Im 80. I’m losing my damn mind!”


Oh, yeah. I forgot about that simple (generic) coping skill.


I like her

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Did therapist really swear at you? Fucking awesome!! LOL




Oh yeah. I gave her permission to speak to me however she wants to get her point across and keep me sober and sane.


I took a screen shot of that to have handy when my brain starts wandering. Loved that guy!


It is perfectly acceptable for your friends to have a few drinks when you go out, even if its to celebrate YOUR birthday! Theyre not the ones with the problem, YOU ARE! They know how to have a few today and then not touch the stuff for a couple months until the next special occasion comes along. Expecting them to not enjoy themselves because of your problem is just letting that selfish “me, me, ME!” attitude we addicts develope continue to control your life. You’re not unique as an active addict and you arent unique as a recovering one either!


I know people that will drink for my birthday, hell they will drink for your bday, or because the day ends in Y. If I hang out with them, I know they are drinking. Normally all this does is reaffirm my sobriety comittment on the occasions I hang out with them. If I don’t want to be the odd man out, I change things up and either have other sober folks go too OR if I truly worry about my sobriety, I don’t go. Either way, my sobriety falls on ME and I can NOT worry about what others do or do not do, just what I do. No matter how much you love them.


Oooh @Yoda-Stevie … any chance you can do one of those for me (Cate!)? I’ll make it my screen saver :+1::sweat_smile:

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@Yoda-Stevie THANK YOU!!! :kissing_heart:


Isn’t it such a simple but powerful image!!!

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@Modestakieran Absolutely!! I love it, and need it :+1::raising_hand_woman:‍♀