Truth and tough love


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Lolz. Been there, done that in my first failed marriage to an active alcoholic. Guess how that ended. :joy:


I did an actual snort laugh at this! :joy:

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There is a guy in my home group who lost his 2 year old son around this time last year. It was a tragic accident and one of the saddest stories I ever heard. Around 11:30 in the morning this guy had to make the decision to take is son off life support. By 12:15 he had walked in to the meeting. He told us what happened and then asked if he could help anyone else. He did the same thing at the 5:30 meeting. And the meetings the next day.

Even in his darkest time he didn’t drink, went straight to a meeting and tried to be of service to others. But hey, you keep drinking bc life’s tough and people are mean. If that man stayed sober you better have a goddamn good excuse not to.


These are the stories that i need to hear. They make me realise that any excuse i have is just that - an excuse. And with the help of my sober network who help me stay connected to my HP, it is possible to get through any situation without a drink or a drug.


I cried the entire meeting when he came in. It was devestating for all of us. Hell, I’m tearing up right now and it’s been a year


“Anything you put in front of your recovery you’re going to lose”

I just wrote this down. Thank your for that.


This is way less dramatic, but still true…

When I was in IOP another woman came in who drove over 2 hours to make it. 3 times a week. She had the same attendance requirements we all had. I never missed a group after that.


I walked to my outpatient. 3 miles in the dead of Syracuse winter 4x a week. That was by choice though :rofl::rofl:

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It reminds me of a talk by Kip C -

He was a real hopeless case and I struggled to relate to his tale of woe, and then it becomes an absolute miracle and I was riveted. The things he went through in sobriety are absolutely astonishing. One of them was after reconciling a relationship with his son (previously destroyed by his drinking) his son later dies in his arms. Within the hour, he was getting a call from someone saying they needed help. Kip said “my son just died in my arms…” The other guy said “Gee, I’m really sorry to hear that Kip, but I really need help.” Kip describes how he knew the guy was right. His son was gone and there was nothing he could do for him. But this guy needed help right here and right now. And he remembered his primary purpose.
It gives me shivers just thinking about it.


Admitting you are powerless over your DOC is probably one of the harder things to grasp in recovery. However, it’s probably one of the most beneficial things to your recovery. Admitting that you cannot drink and drug safely is the first step. Admitting that once the substance enters your system all bets are off really helps someone realize they need it help. It makes it easier to avoid that first one, because you don’t know where it will take you.

Buuuuut if you still think you have power over drugs and alcohol I would suggest that you go out and try some controlled drinking. See if you have just 2 beers a day 3 days a week, see if you can just take one hit of crack per night. Do these things for a month and see how it goes. If you have mastered moderation, then perhaps you are not alcoholic. If however, you find that you cannot do these things please come back and let us know how it goes.


Me too man.

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Spirituality alert:

So you don’t believe in (insert higher power)? Ok, so what’s stopping you from starting to believe now? Are really that set in your ways that you absolutely refuse that something might exist? I call my higher power God. I acknowledge that my higher power has helped me achieve what I could not do on my own, which is get sober? Unless you think I’m a liar, by acknowledging that I have indeed gotten sober, then you are acknowledging the existence of my higher power.

My God accepts all who seems him. No questions asked. Now that we have acknowledged this, what, might I ask, is really preventing you from seeking a higher power?

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What do you mean @Eke. He is my higher power!:joy::joy::joy:


If the spirit of Han Solo can help you stay sober I am all for it!


I’m an incredibly rational and logical person yet I keep doing things that are irrational and illogical! Don’t worry, I got this.

My sponsor once told me “don’t believe everything you think”. He didn’t have to tell me again.