Trying to quit alcohol

I always try to quit alcohol. This will be the 100th time I said im quitting. Went on a 2 day bender and I’m feeling like shit today. The depression and guilt is horrible. Why do I continue to do this to myself? I feel so ashamed and my brain won’t shut up.


You’re here Angelica. Good you’re back and I’m glad to see you. Just saying you’ll stop won’t make it happen my friend. You need to work your sobriety. We can all do it but it does taken effort. This group can be extremely helpful but only if you’re here and interact. Peer support can be great in real life too. Sobriety is possible, just don’t go it alone. You can do this, let’s do this. Together. All success friend.


Welcome back. Angelica.
This place has been a great place for me to get support in my sobriety. Addiction is too tough to go it alone. We are stronger in numbers. And we are all worth it.

Gratitude for what we have when we are sober is my best tool in my tool box.
Here’s couple of great threads I like.
Hope to see you around.
You’re worth it.

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You sound angry, Angelica. Good! Get mad at this substance trying to run your life! It’s time for you to show alcohol that you’re the boss! Tell it to get out and stay out! You can do this! May the Good Light shine upon you. : )


Thank you❤

Thank you :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Thank you💓

What they all said. When you feel a craving, turn to us. Some people have a sponsor, some work a programme, some go to meetings… And most of them say these things make a huge difference. Not saying they are necessary, but what do they have in common? Talking, sharing, getting help, helping, supporting… With others. Community is key. Isolation is a great risk for relapse. Don’t go it alone. We’re here.