We need to laugh. Make it happen


I think it would be to intense for me,and my last ex was an Italian Catholic,bipolar,alchaholic, crack smoker, from Jersy.
Just a year and a half of pure stupitidy and hell…


Yeah…Jersey. I just drive through Jersey. But the East Coast is big. Lot’s of states, and neat things to see, good food to eat.



Yeah I’m slowly getting over the trauma.


Yeah, theres something inherently wrong with Jersey people, we dont claim that bunch. Nor all those cracked out psychos in Philly either, right @Hope0110 ? :laughing: We’ll claim the NYC sewer rats and the gypsy meth smoking alligators in Florida but the Jersey/eastern PA crowd are the black sheep of the family lol


Any time Boston ever comes up my mind immediately goes here…


There is something inherently wrong with gravy being made from tomatoes.



Oh, I know! I put that stuff on my list right next to ticks.




Butter and flour? (I never grew up with real butter. It was country crock or nothing.)

The only gravy worth eating begins and ends with animal fat renderings. I mean doesn’t everyone just keep a cup of bacon grease in their fridge for making gravy and to put in their green beans with white potatoes and the soup beans?

Maybe in a pinch I suppose Crisco could be used for gravy…



Although, I did hear the best popcorn ever happens when you pop it in bacon fat. Thanks for that, Hillbilly Housewife.


Oh, I totally agree. Just thought #animalfatdrippingsforever might be a bit of a mouthful.:bacon:


Yep, and if u run out of bacon grease hit the piggly wiggly or ur grandmas house and getcha a piece of fatback :grin: the idea of cooking green beans without at least a piece of country ham is just preposterous right @MoCatt?


Blasphemy. Just blasphemy. What kind of person would do that?


Bacon candles and bacon soap. I guess breast milk soap isn’t the weirdest thing. Bacon fat breast milk soap would be.


Everything is better with bacon right?


Yep, as that video @C-sun blessed us with would undoubtedly say if they had thought about it…got vegetables? Rub some bacon on it!


I expect @Yoda-Stevie to enter stage left at any second, carrying a big old pig.


I guess. Only if you eat/use mine. I did something bad today. S____ told me I could watch netflix on her big HD tv. What did I watch? Yeah. What the Health. Big, HD processed animals having abscesses cut out on the way by. I already don’t eat meat. I dunno why I did that to myself.