We need to laugh. Make it happen


A feral hog. Wild bacon is good bacon.


Okay gravy is marinara sauce for Philadelhia Italian Catholics. I love me some sausage gravy and biscuits though. And I keep bacon fat, ghee, butter, crisco, and duck fat in my fridge at all times. I don’t know why I’ve never thought to make popcorn with bacon grease. It’s definitely happening this weekend.


Yessssssss,I’m gonna watch the third one then judge harshly!
Man second was fun but really different,it’s like someone saying “winning the lottery wouldn’t change me” but yeah, money always does.




Fantastic! And so true!!


My Mama sent this to me. @Neighbrofthebeast668, this one’s for you :kissing_heart:


My husband and I always watch the Try channel on YouTube. Irish people trying southern foods, Canadian food, different alcohols. They are goddamn hysterical. I highly suggest checking more out!





@MoCatt :joy:


:joy: I love Mayberry & the Andy Griffith Show :hugs::heart_eyes:


Love it!!!
Steal from you!


Looking for Mars tonight?


OMG @Yoda-Stevie and @Gotno did either of u guys watch this game??? I just saw the highlight reel this morning and decided it needs to be in the laugh thread. 25 to 4 wtf??? Haha, starting pitcher lasted 2/3 of one hell of a long inning :joy::joy::joy:



I think NYM showed up thinking it was a homerun derby, and the Nats obliged. Saw this this morning. Was working till 2300 last night.

I woke up PISSED at 04:30, went out to the garage dojo, and started training. The more I thought about work, the more pissed I got. I have never knocked over my freestanding heavy bag …till this morning. Threw a right cross, and over she went.


I’m thinking Reyes is a strong Cy Young candidate!


Oh man, I’m glad I dont work with u… I’m pretty sure I wouldnt ge able to take 8-12 hours of the “I’ll knock ur ass out if u dont get off my lawn” face lol, sry man, glad ur takin it out in the garage instead of sending one of ur coworkers to the hospital. U might wanna watch the flying lawnmower video b4 u talk to too many people in the office this morning! Lol


Thing is, I work from home. Better the heavybag than snap at a loved one. Will watch the flying lawnmower again.


Hey, better to get it all out there! Good for you! Feel any better??