We need to laugh. Make it happen


Please do, and report back.


Lol, everything. Including their butt hurt expressions.


Cornhole college…isnt that where Derek got his law degree?



Oh boy! It’ll be way easier and cheaper to get it covered up than to get it removed if you ever feel inclined lol I got a cover up, took about 4 hours. My husband got about a square inch removed had to go in every month for 8 months of pure torture. Cost is like $650.




This one’s for @TMAC:

Three men, 65, 75, and 85 years respectively, are discussing the challenges of aging:

65 yo: I’ll tell ya, since growing older, the old prostate is acting up. I feel like I have to piss all the time, but when I go, it’s just a dribble. Up and down, all night long, dribble, dribble, dribble. In the morning, more dribble, dribble. Getting to be quite a problem.

75 yo: Ya think that’s bad? Just wait till you’re my age, and the bowels start acting up, and I’m dealing with constipation. Every morning, I sit on the pot for hours, grunting and straining, and end up crapping pebbles. Getting to be quite a problem.

85 yo: You don’t know problems. Every morning at 7 AM, like clockwork, I piss like a racehorse, and crap like a pig. Getting to be quite a problem.

65 and 75 yo: Every day, at 7 AM you piss like a racehorse and crap like a pig? What’s the problem?

85 yo: The problem is, I don’t wake up until 9.


I just choked on my lunch. I like that one!


Turn on the english subtitles…I know both actor and actress…I found the ending funny :wink:


At dinner the other day the comment “history repeats itself” was said and without thinking I said “so do drunks” we laughed and then I was handed the bill to pay


I was not expecting that at the end :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl:


Hahaha! Rotflmao!


Does aamula mean in the morning?


One L more…aamulla and yes it means in the morning


Oops lol Americans aren’t the brightest :wink:


A guy comes into the gas station to fill up the tank.
A service boy notices two penguins sitting in the backseat of the car.
“how come you have two penguins in the car?” asks the service boy.
“(with a sigh) Oh, I just found them and now I’m not sure what to do with them?” the guy replies.
“Well shouldn’t you take them to the zoo or something?” says the service boy.
“Good Idea” replies the man and drives away…

A couple of days pass by and the same guy comes to fill up the tank again.
The service boy notices that the penguins are still in the backseat.
“wheren’t you supposed to take them to the zoo?” asks the service boy.
“Yeah, we went there and had a blast, now we’re headed to the beach” replies the man.

que laughter :wink:


I could definitely see @Bill_Phillips doing this with hunter and his mate. if hunter has found one yet? :wink:




I had a yellow one as a child :see_no_evil: :dizzy_face:


Mine was this awesome shiny purple color lol