We need to laugh. Make it happen


Yes, but the day is still young. Could go either way, and I am one step away from full-on Godzilla mode. I will go hit the double-end bag if need be. Takes focus and concentration to hit it, like those paddleball toys.


That could be a great thing, gets your mind focused on something else for a bit to tame the beast mode back down a few minutes at least!


I was wondering if you were talking about a Pirates game… :joy:


I told my IT guys they needed a punching bag yesterday. My sweet, happy go lucky IT men have turned into always raging and angry men lately. Gotta find the Zen any way we can take it and sometimes that takes physical action! Nothing wrong with that, it’s energy being put to good use vs misdirecting it on poor unsuspecting souls lol.



Haha, usually it would be the Phillies but they’re kickin ass this year, Pirates aren’t doing so bad either, PA is gettin it done this season


Maybe so, I dont keep up with the Mets much but I have seen him pitch a few decent innings, last night certainly didnt help his chances any tho lol, that’s gotta suck inheriting a 19-1 ball game in the 8th


I did my civil service as an IT guy back in the late ninetees…you’d be pretty pissed off too if all you do is answer then phone to “debra” from zillion offices away on her problem that the keyboard doesn’t work…walk to her office and press the num lock and get the response that “I tried that already”…apparently not hard enough…


Brunette from Birmingham like moi js
I follow her on ig (-:


She recreates photos of celebrities & models …





Phillies!!! Don’t hate on Philadephia teams because we’re awesome.



This is me driving…



Hahaha nice



Oh, man… smh. I am going to tell every guy who discusses backdoor privleges that I have a killer geine in there and start singing this song.