Weaning off of alcohol- trigger warning

How many of you have successfully wheening off of alcohol?
I cant just stop cuz the withdrawals are too intense. I know from several day 1.
I cant go to hospital/detox due to the fact I have 2 young kids.
I want to be better, and healthy, I know alcohol will kill me.
Please, any advice is better than nothing!


If withdrawal symptoms are strong then you need a doctor to give you medical advice. Serious withdrawals from alcohol can kill you.

Why not go to a hospital or a medical clinic to get a doctor’s help? It could save your life. Your kids benefit if you’re alive. (If you die from trying to do recovery withdrawals alone then you’re gone.)

There’s medical support options here:

You’ve been to meetings before and saw the benefit:

Get that support around you again. You need to find support from other people; you can’t do it alone. (No human can. It’s not fair to set unachievable goals for yourself. You need help like anyone would.) Groups help, there’s mixed groups and also women-focused groups, search around and find one that works:

Resources for our recovery

There’s online meetings, you don’t even have to leave your house!

Online meeting resources

Keep searching, keep showing up, and remember: addiction lives in secrecy and hiding. If you are actively looking for support from medical people and recovery people you will find your path.


A Primary care doc appt. Be totally honest with them and see if they are willing to do an outpatient detox to help you. An option to avoid seizures and not do the taper crap as most of us know that is rarely successful.
Then, what’s the plan foreward? How are you going to keep from not going back? I needed meetings, healthy meals and activities along with AA. Feel better soon and be kind to yourself please.


Thank you for the reminder of better days! And thank you for the advice!

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It hasn’t been very successful, but I’ve done it before. I know I need to suck it up and just be done!
I only drink now to keep the withdrawals away. But I need to get through them and stay through them!
I will get there, my kids and husband deserve the healthy me!
Thank you for your kind words and advice!

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The weaning off did not work for me in any way shape or form and I tried and tried and tried. I encourage you to have a very candid conversation with your Dr. about help for a detoxing at home. If they aren’t willing to help, see another Dr. You deserve to have the better healthy sober life Becky. :purple_heart:


Thank you for your advice. My doctor already knows I’m an alcoholic and hes a good doc. My brother is a nurse and recommended him for me.
I just need to put the hard work in and keep with it!


You may need some pills to help with withdrawal.
I can’t recommend any because it can be dangerous to self medicate.

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Thank you for the suggestion!!

I am going to echo everyone else here, talk to your doctor, see if they can do an outpatient detox. Also see about a prescription for Naltrexone. It helped me a great deal early in my sobriety. I wish you all the best.