Weed - Trying to get sober

Hey everyone.
I failed getting sober from weed in january and since yesterday, doing it for the second time.
One thing has changed and THAT will probably help me getting sobber is that I told everything last night to my husband… and he was really comprehensive about it.

Have a good day everyone.

Un jour à la fois!


Bonjour Karine,

Bon voyage!
I would say you have made a good choice, honesty is for lots of us a solid foundation to build on.

Do you know why your first attempt didn’t stick?
Have you analyzed your mind from that period?
Did you seek support or did you do it solo?

I can go on asking questions but these 3 will give us more insight in how we might be able to support you in this second run… If you feel you’d like support offcourse :pray:t2:


Hi ThajokerNL!
Well… the week of my first attempt it got really bad at work and I got hit by a student. It was the worst week at a job ever. I have been struggling with anxiety attacks over and over since then. My doctor stopped me and I’m seeing someone for this work-related situation.
I was doing this alone before and that is why yesterday I just said it to my husband. It just feels good that I finally said it.

Thanks for your reply and have a great day!

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One day at a time is good advice!

Good for you picking yourself up. I have a buddy who is really working through his weed habit too. It is not easy, but he’s making progress.

You sound like you are determined to make this work, un jour à la fois - and I’m sure you’ll make progress too. Wishing you a peaceful weekend - take it easy, stay hydrated, really listen to yourself and stay safe.


That sounds awfull.
Do you feel you can manage the anxiety without weed from now on?
And if so… Think what sort of situations might come up when you would feel you’d needed a smoke…
Being prepared for those moment makes them bareable if you recognize them you’ll get through them sober that why I asked about the relapse.

Make sure that what ever comes your way you are convinced that smoking is not going to make it better for you…

I had an awesome day myself, 210+ days ago when I smoked my last joint I couldn’t have imagined were I am at today. Writing songs and poetry and people like them and even want to sing my words. It’s a Gods gift of talent which surfaced when the fog cleared after about a 100 days in. Today I got an email with the first ever studio recording of a song I wrote… Tears of joy and such a humbling feeling when a talent brings your feelings to life.

Don’t know why but I wanted to share that with you :man_shrugging:t2:


Good morning ThajokerNL!
I’m so happy for you and it is very inspiring! You wanted to share because you felt you could and I’m happy you did.

Woke up great today but temptation is there. I’m making a list of things I can do to occupy myself and keep my head busy.

For my anxiety, I’m working on it. I realized during the past weeks that my attacks were bigger and stronger when I vape so that is a hell of a good reason to eliminate weed and find something else to make myself feel better.

Have a good day and tell me more about your journey! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Matt! Thanks a lot for your advice! I think my night was better because I hydrated a lot before going to bed.
And yeah, I’m determined to make this work…
The first time I stopped (7 years ago) it was easy… I wanted to get pregnant so I had a good reason.
Now it is harder. Doing this for myself is something else. I never do anything for myself, always for others and I think that is something I really have to work on.
Have a good weekend too! And wishing a good recovery to your friend… getting off weed is way harder than people might think! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I used to say and think that I would smoke weed till the day I die, it didn’t cause me any issues or so I thought! Looking back on it now I can clearly see the addict behaviour that I was displaying back then,I really did have no chance of not becoming a full blown addict on harder drugs.
I didn’t struggle at all when I stopped smoking it but that is only because I was smoking crack constantly, oh how I wish I wouldn’t have ever tried that stuff but what’s done is done, the only way is up.
I know that had I not cross addicted then I would have found it real hard to give up the ganja. I have great respect for what you are doing and for realising it was having a negative impact on your life and I wish you the best of luck as I know that it’s a hard road, sod the people that think it’s easy or say it’s not addictive they don’t have a clue. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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This is true for a lot of us in recovery. We have lived for so long avoiding, escaping, burying, neglecting ourselves; neglecting to learn about, establish, and maintain healthy boundaries; and we have to learn what they feel like, how to use them, from the beginning.

But recognizing the problem is the first step. And it gets better with time. Thanks for sharing your story & your journey :innocent:

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Hi Karine I saw your mention of vaping THC, are you in the US? I only ask as you will have no doubt heard of the illnesses and in some cases deaths that have been linked to vaping in the US. There is a lot of confusion and misinformation regarding them but the cause of them is the vaping of liquids containing extracted THC. It is often THC liquids and cartridges supplied through the black market but they have gotten in to the legitimate supply chain also. They have been using things like vitamin E To help break the THC down so that it is vapable and it’s this that is damaging people’s lungs often beyond repair.
I know that you have now stopped and may well know this anyway but I just wanted to make sure that you knew and you could perhaps let any of your friends know just incase. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:
I put this out there also for anyone else who might be doing this to see, stay safe people! :+1:


Thanks a lot for the info :slight_smile: Very kind of you+

How’s your detox going, are you on day four now? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I am! :muscle:
It’s going well. Things are a little bit blurry, headaches and sweating like a pig BUT I started an online course and I’m really motivated in doing it. Wow! Motivation!!! I didn’t feel that for a long while!!!

How about you? Had a good sober day? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey! Do you have more news about the studio???

Yeah today’s been an okay day thanks, I was meant to be working tonight but the shift was cancelled so I’m just catching up on here and watching movies. It’s better than working anyway :joy: a few more days and you should be over the worst of it I believe. Stick with it, your doing great. I bet that it doesn’t make things any easier now it’s been legalised for recreational use. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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I can get it anywhere now… 20 min from my house or online…!
So yeah, not easy but I will get through this! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I actually used to get mine shipped over from Canada in my smoking days nearly twenty years ago now. Stay strong. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Well the song is waiting for a next session :slight_smile:
And just writing a bit. It’s mostly Dutch what u write u have a spoken word bit up on yt.
You might like it.

I’m 8 months without the drugs life has dramatically changed for the better in that time.

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Wow, those words are powerful. :muscle:

Keep up the good work!

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