Weight loss

So, has anyone lost any weight when going sober? I know I’m on day 2 and don’t expect to wake up 50lbs lighter but I would love to hear this benifit side of sobriety. This too will help keep me going.


I have heard it will happen unless we eat more instead of the drinks. But i hope to loose weight aswell

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If you replace alcohol and the time you spend on bars with running or going to the gym and you eat healthy in the right amounts when you will lose weight. Alcohol contains lots of calories and many people lose weight after they stop drinking.

I myself have maybe lost a few pounds. I have not lost so much because I eat a lot of sweets instead of drinking.


I’m loosing weight. But I’m working at it. I just turned 60 this year and fat drunk and hungover is no way to enter the latest phase of my life. So I found this sober app and a weight loss app. That, along with working out eating healthy and walking a lot I’ve already lost almost 20 pounds and I got 25 days sobriety. I got 20 more pounds to loose and it’s going to take work and patience. The first ten came flying off. I feel great!!


Yes and no. When I first quit I also started working out and eating better, so naturally I lost weight.

But just quitting drinking, no. When I drank I didn’t eat. When I dont drink, I eat.

If you dont eat when you drink you probably wont, if you ate and drank, then you probably will.


Most people that quit drinking also start eating healthier and exercising more and such was the case with me. At 5 months Sober I was down 25 lbs. 1 hour of Cardio at least 3 days a week and intermittent fasting during the week. (eating 6 hours a day) All my numbers have improved significantly (cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, blood pressure, etc) and I feel soooo much better. Not only physically but spiritually. I don’t have to sit in church every Sunday feeling so guilty and like the hypocrite for being a drunkard. My wife is also much happier now as well and that detail would be a whole other post so let’s just say she is elated tha t Ihave stopped pouring highly addictive cancer causing poison down my throat.


I’ve lost 50lbs.

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When your liver is not busy with alkohol it have more time to help you with fat, also your other entrails work better. Hard to describe it cus english is not my language :sweat_smile:

This is exactly what I did… I didn’t want to write it to take the wind out of her sails, lol


I’ve lost 30 lbs since dec 1st. Then again i haven’t had a great appetite since getting sober but I’m not complaining

I started this journey on Jan 2nd for the main purpose to be healthier and lose weight. I’m doing this in stages, first stage is just cut out alcohol entirely. I’ve lost about 6 lbs since Jan 2nd. When I hit a month, I plan to count calories to help start eating healthier and the when I hit 2 months, I plan to focus on excersizing more. All baby steps to being healthy. I feel that the weight should be coming off faster since I’ve cut out the alcohol calories and my eating habits haven’t changed but I also feel that my body is still healing too so it may take longer ( plus I’m in my 40’s so I I’ve got that slower metabolism going for me. Ugh) Good luck to you and be patient! :slight_smile:


I’ve lost 3lb, 7 days sober but I have been maxing out the training with all this alcohol free time :grin:

Thanks everyone, after reading your posts I think I’ll be losing weight as I eat like a gluttonous pig when I drink. Friday, I ate a 1/2 large pizza and cheesy breadsticks and that was my late night snack if that gives you any ideas. When I don’t drink I log my calories and I’m around 1000-1200 Cal’s. Not very often that I don’t drink until now.

I actually gained weight after i laid off cocaine but im much healthier. However im starting a keto lifestyle with some intermitteng fasting here and there and i already lost 2 pounds per week! 6 pounds im 3 weekz!

For me sobriety does help with losing weight. mostly because going out to drink and smoke pot always meant late-night eating. i also smoked weed during the day and that made me eat a lot. i have bulimia so most of the times i overate i would also throw up… but when i used to get clean and didn’t smoke or drink I’d lose weight

I was drinking well over 1000 calories a day and never wanted to cook or clean so I also ate out every day. Since quitting I’ve lost 10lbs in 75 days with minimum exercise. I am eating much better. Fruits and veggies every day as I was not at all while drinking. I’m back where I should be so I’m happy with that.


Fitbit is great… It keeps me active 10 out of 10 hours a day… :blush:

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I wonder how accurate this is. For me, it’s :100: accurate. Wish I knew how to make a poll lol

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May i ask which weight loss app you are using :blush:

That’s great! Good for you. Do you have to buy all new clothes? I love this idea. Buying new clothes. But I don’t think I’ve lost much in 9 days.

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