What are you sipping on today?


Their Marketing worked, i bought it because of the art! Lol


Exactly why I bought it
Also why I bought that pretty crest 3D toothpaste in the pretty blue box :expressionless: damn marketing


That would be a trigger for me :weary: I have to stay away from it completely n/a or not
You have some SERIOUS will power lol


A gallon of water, a Monster Peach Rehab cut w Unsweetened Tea (Yes, you have to specify Sweetened vs Unsweetened in The South). After I ride I can have Coke Zero.


Still finding my way around just hope this in the right place lol. Two coffee’s this morning and juice for the rest of the day .


Strawberry+banana smoothie, coffee. Kind of energy on top of energy drinks. 12 hour work day today lol.


Same!!! That sparkle box gets me I hope that teeth whitening does work lol.


@Sam-thebeachguy the toothpaste did seem to “brighten my smile” but also hurt my teeth lmao back to sensitive toothpaste in the boring old white box haha


That boring white box is so uncool? Hey I think I have some sparkly princess sticker that my 4yr old niece left in the car. Want me to send those? Your boring white box can look sparkly and cool then lol


Fizzy mango zero, water, green tea, Sri Lankan orange pekoe tea, I do love my tea…being British I suppose it’s in my blood :joy:


Haha good idea ima do that


Big Red Zero… It’s a texas thing


For my UK Friends, I tried Irn Bru last weekend. One of my friends from Edinburgh area lived here now. He brought it back from a business trip. Very bubble gum flavored.
(The other guys got beer. I got Irn Bru)


Sonic coke zero with cherry syrup :cherries: with an actual cherry, of course.


I’m a horrible person who’s basically substituted booze for caffiene. I drink tons of water but have red bull and soy lattes running through my blood.

I’ve just been told that may be one of the most hipster things I’ve ever said




Kava yogi tea;)


Haha bc of YOU I picked up dark chocolate almond milk yesterday at Walmart! Going on day 7 and the cravings for food have taken over the craving for alcohol :expressionless: a glass of this helps
So thanks!


The food cravings for me were to real! But I’m okay with that.


just some good strong coffee with heavy whipping cream!