What are you sipping on today?


I can’t use half n half or milk anymore since I started using heavy whipping cream. The taste is so much better. I didn’t know any one else did this @Charlie_C


yep - that’s all we use. Went to a fancy restaurant once years ago and got hooked when they served that with the coffee. You get that same butter/fat feel/taste like when you eat really good (high butter fat content) ice cream.


@Enaps, the coconut LaCroix is bomb! I call it my beach in a can. Lol :palm_tree:


Plain water…


Poppin sparkling apple-peach cider on a weekday cuz I’m fancy AF. :joy:


Aqua ph9 water


I’m into all the fancy flavoured tea’s.


@JenKH3 its really the only la Croix I like


La. Croix is my new goto drink! Love the peach/pear and the passion fruit!!


Tastes like an alcohol free mojito or margarita, might be on my list for warm weather drinks as a replacement!


You’re woohooo fancy and I love it!!!


It’s a 2 bag kind of night. Love my Kava tea And the inspirational tags!


Just finished a cup of Twinings Orange Cinnamon Herbal Tea.


Everyday, plain old water :blush:


Only $0.95 at the Dollar store in Toronto :grinning:. Will this be my new addiction? I should mention the bottle is a whole litre.


The Yogi kava tea is my jam!! The second I smell it, I just feel better.


Haha I always smell the bag!! Love it!


Water only the last few days. Car is broke, and too hot to walk to the store.


My go to!


Since its Cinco de Mayo