What are you sipping on today?


Water infused with lemons limes and mint, yum :blush:


Found this Topo Chico mineral water at a local taco place. 10x better than LA croix! I’m going on a search for these at Mariano’s later lol


Topo Chico is huge here where I live.


Strawberry and mango herbal tea, it’s delicious :grinning:


So good!!


I fuckibg LOVE this cup!!! :joy::joy::joy:


Well at the moment it is cranberry juice and orange juice because I haven’t been sick with a cold or flu in 20 years and then I get clean this week and I’ve been sick for four days. I guess it’s my bodies way of getting rid of evil toxins ( hope I spelled that right) oh yes I almost forgot also drinking lots and lots of water :sweat_drops:


Snapple apple :heart_eyes::apple:


Lol you made me laugh! My bidy did the same to me my 1st 2 wks. Day 30 in a few hrs and feeling better :smiley:


Japanese White Tea



Went for it and got the big boy!


Just made a dessert-ish smoothie: frozen peaches blended with vegan vanilla protein nut “milk”. It was great and my kids liked it too. I’m loving all possible smoothies, as breakfast and as desert. Also loving selzer water, all possible kinds, and honey lavendar Yogi tea. I kind of hate yogi tea, for being overpriced and for being a corporation making money off our desire for spiritual guidance through tea, yuck. And I dont know if honey flavor means that bees were exploited. But it’s delicious.


Mountain Dew


Almost done with my shake
-frozen strawberries
-spinach and kale
-blue berries
-apple juice
-almond milk



Strawberry Lemonade with a splash of sprite.


Coconut milk smoothie.....so yummy! :blush:
No A/C so a smoothie is the perfect dinner for a hot summer night......learning to enjoy not having A/C for a few different reasons, especially all my outside time each afternoon under some tree in the shade :wink: :deciduous_tree:


Watermelon smoothie
Fresh watermelon
Frozen watermelon


A really good hot chocolate that seems to have a hint of cloves and cinnamon.

I think it is this one:


I’m sipping Cafix. With Protein Nut milk. It’s non coffee with non milk so you might think it would taste of absence, but it is a lovely comforting rich drink.