What are you sipping on today?



Hope You feel better soon. Your body might be transitioning or withdrawals. Drink some Gatorade if you like that sorta stuff


Virgin Raspberry Mojito on a patio in Montreal


Yum! Nice one.


My new thing is cucumber and mint pressé, soooo good and refreshing :smile: also iced sour-cherry/chamomile and cinnamon tea. All taste great out of my “Queen of F*cking Everything” mug :joy:


Lately i have been diggin the Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry flavor. But i fill my home and work fridge with so many flavor drink options it helps distract me


Just had tea at work and planning to have espresso after lunch


Right now I have my breakfast smoothie with fruits and veggies and oatmeal, together with a nice cup of good morning tea :relaxed:
Reading through this thread a bit reminded me to go get some mint, cucumber and limes today so I can make some lovely refreshing drinks!


Just plain water today. And this evening grapefruit juice and lime Calistoga over ice. I’m trying to break myself of the Kombucha habit to save money - 1 to 2 of those a day adds up to about $35/week!


I’m having watermelon Perrier. Tastes like summer :stuck_out_tongue::watermelon:


Tea and coffee


A lot of alcoholics I know drink La Croix.


Wata wata wata! :sweat_drops::droplet:


Peanut Power Smoothie with extra bananas


water, rhubarb mixed with water, milk, malt coffee, pomegranate mixed with water


Just bought a 6 pack of Sparkling San Peligrino and some lime cordial, also moving on to decaf coffee :dizzy_face:


Hansens. Mmmmmmmm
And I pretty much drink Tapitio too. Mmmmmm


Wow, I love it!


All my coffee cups were dirty.


Coffee. Black. Still asleep…