What are you sipping on today?


Simply Balanced Cucumber Mint sparkling water from Target. Another new fave!



That was supposed to be on what chi sipping on , the flick. Ugh well mind body spirit happy monday


K yes I did load it on here cool , enjoy ! Anyone do the hAlf off frapocuinnoees at starbucks


Coconut water! Soooo good!!!


Water simple water


Bought a 4pk of Ginger Beer!! My favorite!


ME… For​:blush::tulip::sunflower:334 day​:hibiscus: 21 hr ,
52 minutes and counting :clock1130:OH, water…


Strawberry lemonade with muddled basil is amazing!


Cranberry, raspberry, lemon & lime. :yum:


Make a coke float it’s amazing drank two bottles the weekend :heart_eyes:


I have always liked La Croix bubbly water but it has quickly turned into an obsession with all their new flavors! I have a whole shelf in the fridge dedicated to them… Half of which are the blackberry cucumber :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Today I mixed Perrier with lemonade. Sparkling and not too sweet.


That’s a great idea! I love cream soda and ice cream, I’m going to make one later today!!


Just water and ice crumbs. That’s all I’m allowed…


So delish, I’ve tried other brands but publix is where it’s at! Blackberry lemonade… I also do half juice half sparkling water for something more light


Caffeine free earl grey :blush:


Oh my!! Yours looks way better than mine. Im currently sipping diet coke from Wendys!! Lol!


Usually lime, soda water and ice, quenches thirst and has a sharpness to it, but as it’s Friday, 0.0 percent Bavaria non alcoholic drink.


Water, h2o, aqua…