What are you sipping on today?


Coffee! With mint flavor.


I’m drinking nothing because my boss drove away with my coffee -.-


Coffee is my new favorite!


Green tea yep


Lol :slight_smile: ya I’ve pretty well always drank coffee xp


The Big Chill
Tea by David’s Tea


Pellegrino. Feeling fancy today.


Zephyhills water.


Perrier with lime wedges


Water all day for me today. Went out for dinner today, looked at the drinks menu, and thought of what would happen just from that one drink with dinner, and that’s not a path I want to have to go down again, so water.


Yay!!! That’s so awesome, good for you! I know it takes strength and you should be so proud. :clap::clap::blush:


Thank you :slight_smile: this was the first time I put myself in a situation where there was alcohol around so I’m pretty proud


Almond Milk Egg Nog, surprisingly yummy!


Tea and lots of water.


Water…with a splash of encouragement from all the folks here willing to share their challenges and triumphs. Definitely makes the water taste better!


I love La Croix. Any flavor except the peach pear! Lol
I also love coffee and just plain water. :slight_smile:


I was gonna say. You must be drinkin the Tap😂


This is totally for me too!! I drink a blue menu carbonated naturally flavoured water…pomegranate or a lime. Super resfreshing. That ice cold beer was my guilty pleasure as well.


A tall glass of patience and self-control lol


Protein shake.