What are you sipping on today?



Apparently enuf is enough


Aloe Vera juice. The best.


Water and only that for the rest of my life


I just discovered how good POM pomegranate juice and club soda taste mixed together. What have I been missing?


Coffee…however I’m a server and a drink that I made last night was sprite with half a lime squeezed into it and about half a cup of strawberry smoothie mix -:fire:


It’s a cold winter night here and all I want is a chamomile tea! Goodbye anxiety!


Morning smoothie with blueberries, spinach and protein powder. Delish.:slight_smile:


Rootbeer floats all day


Water with glutamine


Sounds delicious


Green tea with lemon and honey


Vitamin water for me today! Yummy!


I like Bickfords Cordials with sparkling water. The fruity taste and bubbles make me think of wine but without the nasty next morning.


My new village supermarket is selling this. Never seen it before, but it’s a great non-alcoholic drink. Thought I’d share it here (in case you see it in your shop.)


Hot milk with cocoa and cinnamon yum! Helps me to fall asleep


Good old lemon water for this girl!


POM Pomegranate juice and water 50/50.


Water and mountain dew


Ginger tea.