What do u call the voice that tells u to drink?

Some call it the wine witch, and someone mentioned calling it Diane Abbott!
I could never think of one. But recently the voice is just informing me that I COULD drink, and I have started responding
“Thanks for the update Jon Snow / Trevor MacDonald” (UK newscasters) and thinking of them just informing me in their calm way is much less reactive and I can move on.
What do others call it?


It does work especially if the name is someone annoying… it was me with dianne abbot cant stand the woman. So when i get wistful alcohol thoughts i can say go away Dianne with vengence… srangelybits easier when they have a name. Picked it up in a book i read…

I just called it “bitch.” That way it encompassed everything and anything that I didn’t like. My cats got super confused by me mumbling, “fuck off, you bitch” a lot when I was home in the early months. :laughing:

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I call my ego “the monster” sits in my left shoulder.
My addiction I called “my homie” I don’t hate him he has gotten me this far. I just had to let him go.

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I call the voice David, because I know who’s in my head trying to get me to drink. Myself.

I talk to myself often at times while trying to rationalize or puzzle things out. That’s natural I think.


That Wanker!

Mine is Pain in the ASS!!!

Legion (has to be at least 10 characters :joy:) :japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre:

An asshole.

Mine is full of shit.

I’m not sure I’ve ever given mine a name…it’s just “my alcoholic brain”. LOL I’m so clinical!!

Maybe it needs a name. I’m willing to take suggestions.

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So funny this is posted because this morning I was talking to a friend about my inner addict that I used to cater to.
When I was drinking my friends and I would call her Bertha and it’s stuck. So I still call that bitch Bertha.
And I talk to her just like you would someone you imagine named Bertha because that’s what I became when I drank. Scary, mean, an asshole, blackout, known for hitting and not remembering.
Though I have never met a single person named Bertha in my life the name just reminded me of what I became when I drank.
Much like the hulk so it stuck.

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I have never heard of doing this, kind of entertaining haha. Now I’ll catc myself doing it too!

The :smiling_imp: in disguise as yourself