What has been the change you noticed most?

This is day 3 for me, but I’m done drinking. I’m too stubborn to fall back into the grip it had on me.
I thought it would be interesting to see what changed (for the positive) in your journey of being alcohol free.


Congratulations on your 3 days . I found in the beginning I was so sick of the lifestyle I was living it was so easy to stay off the drink and drugs I was addicted to crack and heroin I knew If I carried on I’d end up dead . Even though I was getting clean i was so poorly and didn’t know how to live a normal life I had to change everything about myself I thank God for the fellowship of aa who helped me find myself as a person and realise I was worth more then what id become. My life is amazing today i have my daughter living with me in our little home I even rescued a dog ! I have the best relationship ever with my family I have real friends who I can trust and a new job to start after lockdown. Keep at it as you can really have a beautiful life one day at a time x


My mental health gradually improves as the days go by and even when I’m having terrible emotional lows, the way I cope is far better from when I was drinking to run away from my thoughts.

My depression and anxiety has reduced DRAMATICALLY. I use to wake up in a state of anxiety, primed for a panic meltdown. Now, I generally wake up calm and relaxed.

My aura has changed. I looked sick and bloated when I was drinking. My face was puffy / fat, my mid section was bloated, my skin had a darkness to it that I thought was just my regular complexion until I gained a glow after about 1 month without drinking. My eyes brightened, my teeth are whiter.

My will to improve in other aspects of my life has increased. I eat better, my thoughts are generally more positive, my work productivity has increased and my income (sales) have dramatically improved. My work ethic is way different.

Healthier - my vitals are better. My blood pressure has improved, my resting heart rate has decreased in pace (Sinus tachycardia- I was over 100 beats per minute at rest for decades). My new resting heart rate is around 80 BPM.

I still struggle once in a blue moon with the idea of drinking (romanticizing) but I genuinely love my transformation via sobriety and have gained confidence in my ability to improve when I’m committed. Life only gets better. Stick with it and take it one day at a time.


So many positives changes, too many to list I think!
Reduced anxiety and depression, sleeping better, no longer being mentally drained from trying to hide my drinking or workout out a system of visiting the different bottle shops so as not to raise eyebrows with the staff…
Regaining the respect and trust of my family and children. Learning to love myself, forgive myself, accept myself for who I am… better focus and concentration. More energy. More motivation. Feeling peace and enjoying life. I feel like I’m no longer just existing and surviving but living and loving. It’s truly fantastic!


So much dude, I had nothing, I had no life man. Zero ambition but to get drunk or do a bunch of coke everyday. My life is amazing now, for me and my two daughters. I’m killing exercise, finding things I forgot I loved. The best thing I can say is get and stay sober and find out for yourself. I can’t promise enough how worth it getting sober is, but also don’t get you’re expectations to high bc there is going to be bad days and you’ll be disappointed if you think being sober is spoce to be this perfect world. It’s not, but damn is it better then where I was 108 days ago


Totally agree. Life isn’t perfect by any means but it’s a damn lot better than where it was :ok_hand:


I would say the relative absence of guilt and shame.

Secrets and lying are more or less intrinsic to addiction, and I always felt guilt and shame as a result. I no longer have anything to hide.


Yes, this part is huge!


Congratulation on three days!

I love this question! It’s always so hard for me to answer though because there is just so much that has changed. I think my biggest and favorite change is the with the relationships I have. I am a better wife, a better mother, a better friend, better daughter, and a better person to myself. I am more patient, mindful, and caring. I finally have respect for myself instead of shame. I take care of my family and myself better. My emotions are less dramatic, less up and down, and I think that makes me a much better person.


My marriage for one. I was a dumb ass drunk husband. I would do things I would never think of doing sober. Nothing physical or shit like that. In my early days of drinking alcohol gave me the courage to talk to the ladies and I guess that just never went away. I’d get super drunk and forget I was married I guess. So for sure my marriage has changed for the better in these 9 months of sobriety


I have regained my inner strength and am no longer afraid to make major life changes to live a life free of regrets! (In theory, anyway… hahaha!)


You may also be interested in searching “your favorite change so far?” with the forum’s search feature. @MandiH has asked this question many times to people on their milestones and a lot of great answers to that can be found that way!


I notice my fat ass more, I have gained so much weight…


A lot of things, but mainly that I don’t hate myself anymore


I think the biggest change for me when I do feel good. Is just thinking more clear, having more time in the day and more money in my pocket. Relationship wise its alot better so yeah its worth bing sober. Conrats on day 3.


It’s not totally been changed yet but I see it happening…and it’s just me letting go of all the negativity and “wrongs” I have been holding onto for years. Finally able to see it being possible to let go.


With my decrease in anxiety I have noticed that I am interested and open to doing more things. Reading, painting, journaling, playing games, cooking, cleaning, self care.
So many “normal” things that had escaped my life due to my obsessive thinking patterns around using. Incorporating these back into my life is giving me a sense of meaning, belonging and building mastery. Which all help build my self confidence back up after being ripped away years ago by my addiction.
@Bheff I like your stubborn attitude but stay humble in your journey. :muscle::pray::muscle:


Day 12 here, I’m not bloated around my middle as much, I’m more motivated to exercise and my tastebuds are improving. The other huge factor is my mental health, I’m more patient, don’t get stressed as much, as things that use to keep me up at night I’m able to deal with quickly.
I’m smiling more too, I thought I was a happy person before but I’m being told from my peers that my vibe is different and not as stressed


realizing that i dont need it to be social. i’m fine with seltzer water or a virgin-whatever. falling into the cycle of substance abuse bc i had one drink to set it off isn’t worth it. best of luck on your sobriety journey! :heart:


same girl same.

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